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Um... You might not have a battery problem when you design a mobile phone that your customers only use to make phone calls. Oh, and check the time.
Um.  No.  The US Government does not sell to just anyone or any country.  And their reasoning for that depends both on their political views and how the government is likely to use the weapons once the sale (or gift as in some cases) has been completed.
Anybody can ask.  But it would essentially be state-sanctioned corporate espionage.     But to your point - why would a country/government allow critical infrastructure to run on something they didn't create?  
Most issues can be fixed.  Being out of focus is not one of those issues.
Keep in mind this is a filing, not an issue...     At the same time, I am pretty sure they should go and look at the trove of patents from Kodak...  Am betting they'll find one just like this somewhere in there...   Just sayin'
Um, yeah.  That whole RT designation.  Dumb.   I am not certain how a group within MS becomes so insulated as to believe this was actually a good idea.     That someone from Dell had to point it out to them should only serve as a case and point and irrefutable evidence.
I am hoping someone can offer an explanation here...   I have been under the impression that FRAND is used to describe Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory licensing terms.  As mentioned above, the terms must be the same for everyone.   OK. With that in mind, I was also under the impression that technology had to be established in FRAND terms before it could become part of an approved technical standards.  This is basic economics.  I get to take a little from...
I am at a loss...   What is the difference between a ploy and a strategy?   Part of me hopes that MS is wildly successful in this space.  Tighter integration between hardware and software can lead to a better product.  Score.   Unfortunately, I am also aware of the MS track record in this space.  Yes I know about the XBOX - but one hot day doesn't make a summer.  Plus, that whole team was insulated from the rest of the company - which pretty much means the HW...
/sigh.   Microsoft designs by committee.  Most big companies do.  Or they will actually outsource the design to some high priced design group that is going to get paid regardless of whether the product succeeds or fails.   Apple is the exception.  Jonathan Ives holds the keys to that kingdom.   MS has the opportunity to have a competitive offering here - tablet ids are functionally screens - but that ship is getting ready to sail...    1.  Naming...
The reviewer cited in this article seemed to do a pretty decent job.  Seems like the ONLY downside was the price.  By definition, that is simply a well-designed highly desirable product.   Most reviewers because they can't do must criticize the efforts of those who can.
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