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If the fundamental technology is covered by the standards, then it becomes an issue governed by licensing - not intellectual infringement, per say. Think of it as two different leagues. Same game. Two different sets of rules.
This is interesting. To simplify - in exchange for having their technology included as part of a standard, a company accepts a fair and reasonable payment (licensing fees) in lieu of the suing the offending party. Standards generally mean interoperability. This calculus is well understood by all the major players. For patents not covered by standards, well, that is where differentiation occurs. What a number of companies have not realized is the true value...
Going to be a wild ride today... Apple Rally is accelerating on Frankfurt Exchange - up 4%.
Obama will be criticized regardless of what he does. Some criticisms will be well-reasoned, others will simply be fear-mongering. As for the issue of manufacturing outside the United States - well, as soon as we stop basing our product purchasing decisions solely on cost, we'll be able to talk about bringing jobs back here. As long as we, as a society, allow price sensitivity to dominate our purchasing decisions, we have made the decision that low cost labor is more...
New Posts  All Forums: