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The same design is fine with me. Anything except that strange sliding-keyboard rumor from a few weeks ago.
A friend's computer died and needs an immediate replacement. Should I recommend the current-gen MacBook, which is only $999 but almost a year old, or the 13-inch MBP, which is $200 more but only a few weeks old? Thanks.
I'm aware that SSDs like the OWC have better performance ratings, but I've also read that the OWC has a very high failure rate -- maybe even higher than a traditional HDD. I know I could have bad luck with an Apple SSD as well, but without any real monetary savings, it doesn't seem worth the hassle. As for the Apple vs. third-party, I've seen benchmarks that showed Apple's SSDs being outclassed by the OWC and a couple others, but those benchmarks also showed the Apple...
Thanks for the replies. I'm probably going to go with the 256 GB SSD from Apple. I suppose I could save $50 and/or get a faster SSD if I went the third-party route, but with TRIM support apparently only available to SSDs installed by Apple, I'm probably going to choose the path of least resistance.
Oh, okay. I thought it was a standard policy for every software release. In any event, I hope iWork '11 comes out soon. There have been several false starts online (some books that were due out late last year, a mid-February rumor involving Mexico's Best Buy, etc.), so it seems like it should be out sooner rather than later.
Barring any last-minute changes, I'll probably be going with the MBP 17-inch with the standard 2.2 GHz processor, the stock 4 GB RAM, the antiglare screen (+ $50), and a 256 GB SSD (+ $500). Is it safe to say that the 256 GB SSD for $500 is a better idea (and value) than upgrading to the 2.3 GHz processor (+ $250) and the 8 GB RAM (+ $200)?
Thanks.What do you mean, "[I] may not even get it"?
I'm about to order a new MBP this week, and I planned to have iWork preinstalled since there's a $30 discount if iWork is ordered with a new Mac. As most people around here know, iWork '11 is seemingly way overdue. Does anyone know Apple's policy for software updates for people who buy software that becomes outdated right after purchase? This happened to me once before when I bought a PowerBook, but I can't remember if the cut-off was 10 days, 20 days, etc. Thanks.
Just out of curiosity, is there an accepted wisdom in terms of the maximum number of rows that should be used/created in a Numbers file?
According to this:http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html the iPhone 4 requires at least Mac OS X 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.1. I know I could upgrade my old PowerBook G4 to Leopard, but with a new MBP on the way, doing that seems like a waste of time and money. I would have upgraded to Leopard three years ago, but I heard it could get sluggish on machines as old as mine, so I've held off all this time.
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