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Does it support enterprise security?
It has change a lot and the performance is not a problem. I have 3 of them all jailbroken my wife who is not technical loves it.
For everyone that loves amazon VOD and has an AppleTV, I wast it all the time on my AppleTV. If you are willing to jailbreak it and install XBMC (I love it), they have an amazon.com plugin for VOD. Actually they have plugins for almost everything including HULU and plan old access to tv network videos like HGTV, CBS, ...
Yet my AmazonVOD and Netflix streams work great on my Sony Media Player device...
2 - You have to jailbreak it 3 - I have real internet, just using OpenDNS 4 - I doubt it
I have Comcast cable Internet. I'm am going to have Internet if I get tv from com cast or not. I pay... $7.99/month - Hulu $7.99/month - Netflix $120/year - MLB TV Other than baseball I don't watch any other sports. If I did I probably would go to a local bar or the casino down the road and watch. Either place I would have a good time.
I agree DVR functionality is not required, I want to replace cable not augment it. As for the slow download speeds, there are thousands of views of the thread covering it. I can't be the only one...
You are correct, however my other media players have no problem streaming from AmazonVOD using OpenDNS.
Ok, the Sony player cannot do airplay or directly access iTunes. Things it can do that AppleTV cannot. 1) Consume DNLA media from a PC 2) Hulu Plus 3) AmazonVOD 4) Play video/audio from a USB drive 5) Several other Internet channels (not going to list them) Also, if you use a DNLA server that can transcode media it will play your iTunes library. It also does have an iPhone app remote as well as Android and BlackBerry.
I did the same thing, however I have found some serious flaws with the AppleTV. I am sure if it was made by anyone else other than Apple it would have also fallen flat. 1) Lack of TV shows to rent. 2) Can't stream divx/xvid from PC. 3) Rented movies download slow. 4) No Hulu Plus! I bought the AppleTV on launch day like I did the iPad. I also have the Sony Media Player and it does all for only $20 more, plus AmazonVOD has a ton of content.
New Posts  All Forums: