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BGR, for one, is running with the exclusivity angle. As an out-of-contract AT&T subscriber (and frequent traveler to the land of no CDMA), I'd be pretty pissed if that were the case.
Not in the US, unfortunately, though that tide has been turning recently.
That entire post was a joke, as evidenced by the "not" at the conclusion. I think we all need a drink.
Where's the value to Apple in that? Other than a valuable patent portfolio, RIM brings very little to the table. HP's webOS GBU, on the other hand, seems to me to be much more attractive for Apple.
Agreed. I truly hope the next iphone is no bigger, physically, than the iphone4. There quasi-tablet android phones are absurd.
Firm pays for service too, no worries. And, unfortunately, switching off completely will never be an option...
I start a new job next Tuesday that requires me to purchase either an iphone or a blackberry (the only two platforms supported by the IT dept) for use with our firm systems. The firm will reimburse the purchase. I am done with the BlackBerry platform, and I want to pick up an iPhone. I'm out of contract with ATT, so the timing is good in that respect. With respect to product cycle, however, my timing sucks, obviously. What's the best guess right now as to when we...
Seriously, nobody here has used the dev betas?
Anyone know if iOS 5 supports multiple exchange accounts? iOS 4 and predecessors support only one at a time, which is a huge bummer. I have work and personal exchange accounts, and currently use a webOS handset (pre2) and can use them them concurrently.
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