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I agree with the comments here. I get the feeling that Samsung is made up of the same type of designers who thought that I wanted a television remote with 30 buttons plus a flap to hide the buttons that they knew I didn't actually want in the first place. The only possibly "good" implementation of this technology is if it integrates with Google Glass.
"Without Apple product thefts, crime would have been down overall for 2012." - Mayor Bloomberg What kind of idiotic, baseless comment is this for him to make? So, because police spent X hours responding to iPhone theft complaints, we can therefore conclude that, with no iPhones to steal these would-be criminals would all spend their time dutifully looking for jobs??
Fast Company, Consumer Reports,...Totally agree. I'm not going to pay twice for the same content. I still can't read on the iPad during takeoff and landing, so the digital copy is worth less tome than print. If it's included with my subscription, great. Otherwise I'm not interested (yet).
/sarcasm onWell, seeing as how they rely on Apple's business to provide them with designs for their handset business, I'd say that is more important to them!/sarcasm off
A one-size-fits-all operating system, of course! That is so obvious now. Well, except for Sync because, you know, cars are different. And Xbox, logically, because entertainment systems have different needs from PCs.
  I understand what you're saying.  I was really just trying to counter the blind Apple fanaticism, though.  This thread was a bunch of Amazon-bashing without mich thought behind it. Love for Apple's products/design doesn't mean that nobody else can fill a niche in the market.  All said and done, I wouldn't buy the Fire that launched last fall for any price.       Now that's the real story.  Amazon got a pass on v.1, held up largely by all of the great work they did to...
As I said I didn't feel like looking up old news. Some sites said Spring, some said summer. Feel free to do your own Googling if you really are interested. Dates change - why didn't the original iPod touch have a camera as planned? Is the Fire 2 still going to be 7"? I don't know, maybe it'll be a 10 incher. I'm no expert on the Fire, but it doesn't take much to look like one around here, apparently.
  How about: http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/amazon-kindle-fire-2-to-get-spring-2012-launch--1041028   or   http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/amazon-kindle-fire-2-set-for-january-2012-release-1029917   Both from the same site I know.  I didn't want to spend a lot of time digging up last fall's news.  Note the dates on the articles.       I'm not complaining, just trying to remind folks to maintain some perspective and avoid the...
Come on guys, you're sounding like a bunch of fanboys.  When the media talks about iPhone sales "collapsing" ahead of a new product launch everyone screams about the outlandish headlines that misrepresent reality.  Yet here is the same report for someone else's product and you're eating it up!  I know this is an Apple site, but come on, have some perspective.  It is widely known that the Kindle leveraged what was already outdated hardware so that they could capitalize on...
While I don't personally like that Apple is going this direction, it seems like a pretty overt play at trying to push the corporate tax holiday through so that they can bring all of that cash home. Curved glass ain't cheap, and there is a lot of it in that spaceship campus they're building.
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