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What timing - this just happened to me yesterday. Someone spent $65 of my iTunes credits in Kingdom Conquest, which I've never downloaded. Apple is crediting me the money so I won't complain, but here is what I found borderline-offensive: - I received an email from Apple stating that my Apple ID had been used to make a purchase in KC from a computer or device that had not previously been associated with my account. To my knowledge it still isn't associated with my...
True. I lurked for quite awhile before that, too. I just don't feel the need to comment very often. I see Amazon as a pretty capable consumer electronics company though. Not high-end like Apple, but not everyone needs to be. So I'm curious why so many here are hating on them.
Why do we not like Amazon around here?
That's pretty much what I was thinking. Amazon was firs/early to market with ebook readers, so they could get away with cutting some corners and learning as they went. They're late to the tablet game though, so people won't be so forgiving if they screw it up. No cheap components, and the last thing I want when I turn on my tablet is a popup saying, "I see you visited www.girlsnextdoor.com, perhaps you would also be interested in some of these other websites..."
IMO, Amazon is the only company with even a chance of effectively competing against Apple in Tablets, but their first offering has to be rock solid. No cheap buttons that get mushy after a month or two of light use, etc. If they can do that, then I think they've got a chance. They've spent years cultivating an online presence that virtually everyone already has a login for, they've more or less figured out mobile video, music, and ebook delivery, recently added cloud...
One of the (many) big problems with Paypal is that they don't let you use a credit card as the default method of payment. It has to be your bank account. Then if you choose to change it to a CC before you complete the purchase (if you remember to change it), they'll ask you if you really meant to do that, and remind you of all of the wonderful reasons why you should let Paypal directly access your bank account. The one they forget to mention is that they have to pay...
I look at it this way.. by turning your music library into a streaming service it "offloads" the music storing responsibilities of your iDevice, doing one or both of 2 things: (1) reducing the amount of memory needed per iDevice - this could have a bigger play if Apple were to release an iPhone mini or iPod Touch Nano or something, and (2) continues to shift the focus of iDevices away from their "music player" legacy and more into the App Machine or PDA category. The...
On the plus side, hopefully this craters Apple's asinine plot to stipulate 3rd party vendors with an outside purchasing method must also use in-app purchasing at an equal or lesser cost to the end user. So now, not only is Apple dictating product pricing through non-Apple channels, but they are now apparently forcing their developers to carve out even more of their profit to license this tech.
If this is an overlay as the article suggests, maybe we'll finally get the matte finish LCD that everyone seems to want on App,e's screens.
As long as you have to invoke these buttons for them to be active I think it's a good idea. I would also hope that they're invisible when not invoked. The 4 capacitive buttons on my Evo are terrible - always being pushed when I don't want them to be. It's especially troublesome when I try to let my 2 year old watch a video or play a game. She's always saying "uh-oh" when using my phone, but she can use my wife's iPhone with no problems.
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