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Thanks. That explains why the 8 MP camera on my Evo sucks a$$. I wondered about that since day 1.
Umm, you can pay with cash on Amazon. They partner with Coinstar, Western Union, Touch-n-Pay, and several others (http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=682500011). Oh, and of course you can just go to Target and buy an Amazon gift card with the money in your pocket, or link to your bank account. I'm sure you have a point in your head somewhere, but the fact is you can survive online in a cash-only manner.
Audio quality aside, Apples earbuds hurt my ears if I have them in more than 5 minutes. I always throw the s#!tty Apple earbuds away as soon as I open a new iPod/Phone. I went with Etymotic and love 'em.
For a variety of reasons, I went with an Android phone last year and, after trying several of the music players settled on Doubletwist. It could use a prettier interface, but I love the wireless syncing and ability to stream audio/video from my phone to any Upnp client. All I really miss is the genius playlist, but I can get over that. On a related note, if/when I get an iPad I'm really going to miss Swype. That's probably the most innovative thing I've seen on a...
I'm really concerned about how they'll handle my Audible account. I'm just glad this change happened before iPad 2 came out because I was planning to buy one. Now I'll wait to see what transpires here first. It looks like I'll be keeping my Android phone for awhile longer too. I was waiting for Apple to unshackle themselves from AT&T, but I really don't like these policies. Apple is not providing a service to most of these publishers. Apple did not "find" me for them,...
That's the ATT I remember, and refuse to go back to. Their associates are perfectly happy answering your question without regard to whether or not they actually know what the hell they're talking about. And if you're dumb enough to actually believe what an ATT rep tells you, but the bill doesn't reflect it, they just shrug their shoulders and say too bad. It's the customer's fault for believing the ATT employee. After being screwed over this way 3 different times for...
Ditto here (though I'll just be buying one)!
How do you know he's infringing??
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