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Goodbye 100% of their casual home users, hobbyists & self-employed freelancers. How utterly bone-headed.
Wow, new colors! A new awkward size! This guy is truly a visionary and Apple should put him in charge of visioneering.
Aha. All this same stuff is going on over at Mac NN & it's sad. Both sites are basically unusable on a mobile device, now. I can't fathom why websites that cater to users of the best mobile devices, and news and discussion about the fastest growing mobile device maker would switch to a platform that doesn't support those same devices.I know I'm not a super-frequent poster here, but I've been a member and a very regular site reader for about 10 years, and since my browsing...
  They make a version of the exact same display with a mini-display port input:   http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC007LL/A?fnode=MTY1NDA5OQ   Why anyone would spend $1000.00 on an  Apple display is beyond me, buy you can get one if you want.
Here's the list of minor additions & changes. Seems pretty substantive to me. (still reading through it) http://forums.adobe.com/message/4223572#4223572
Doomed! Beleaguered! Shut it down and return the money to the stockholders!1! They should have licensed OS X! Where's the X Mac?!?! Switching to Windows!
They should post them all from inside an elevator.
God, I hope so. That's the most frustrating thing about the iPad. Quite a few times, I'll enter some text, say in a window at a site like this, switch to another tab to grab a link, & when I switch back, the page refreshes & my text is gone. If I want to write anything at all involved on a message board, I do it in notes, then copy and paste the thing. It's a pain. Also, I hope iOS 5.1 does something about Safari's bad crashiness. It's nice that it auto-recovers the links...
That really was a lovely piece of fanfic, and I kinda hope it's actually true. I'd pile those things up on my desk until I could run 128 tracks of 24-bit audio & 128 simultaneous Space Designers. Just because I could.
What iMacs does this apply to? I've got a mid-2011 Core i7 & the firmware update isn't showing up in Software Update. The download page at Apple's site is surprisingly devoid of info. I have had an issue with this machine in Safari only, where the ui becomes unresponsive for a few seconds at a time, but only in Safari. I'm able to command+tab out of it to another app when it happens.
New Posts  All Forums: