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I seriously doubt this for 2 or 3 reasons. 1. It solves a problem Apple does not have. They just introduced the Magic Mouse, and while it's not perfect, this moves away from that in terms of usability. I'd figure they'd incrementally improve the MM instead of crafting a whole new breed of input devices. 2. Apple is moving away from input devices altogether -- why would they throw even more resources at something they're trying to eliminate? 3. The rubber bottom. I think...
There's two things they took away with the MobileMe upgrade that I'd really like back -- the ability to use a standard url like a real web host (fortunately this is still grandfathered in for old .mac users, so long as you use the homepage.mac.com/user url) but why they removed it from me.com is beyond me. Now you have to use their interface to generate a special gobbldygook url that has nothing to do with the directory structure, pick who can see it, then email it to...
I am a pretty regular participant at Adobe's forums. I think they're well aware of Illustrator's single-cpu-ness.
They bought and killed the competition. Why bother? (If Illustrator is still not multi-cpu aware, I will kick something, hard.)
Buying "them all" is a sure-fire way to keep the competition from bringing a similar device to market. I wonder if it's just a monopolistic move, since they've got the cash to buy "them all." Either that, or the report is a tad hyperbolic.
I can't wait to run Adobe Illustrator on one of these... and watch it peg 1 CPU, while 11 sit idle.
I'm pretty cautious, too. My method: 1. Boot from cloned backup drive (I always keep this one .version back just in case. CCC is also my weapon of choice, here) 2. Run DiskWarrior on main drive. 3. Boot from main drive & clone entire shebang to backup drive. 4. Reboot from backup to make sure it's all hunky dory in case I need to use if for a nuke/pave in the event of a bad update. (It's only happened once or twice, but this has reduced my worry factor to zero) 5....
Do try reading. I jumped on the Logic 8 upgrade because it's going to be impossible to find before the week's out. It wasn't absolutely necessary until Apple discontinued it today.
Seriously, where did I complain about the cost of the software? FWIW, I've been using Macs to earn a living since 1993. I'm somewhere in the grey area between hobbyist and pro when it comes to music -- I've worked in recording studios, and used to earn a goodly portion of my income as a session player, so Garage Band doesn't exactly fit my bill, but neither does thousands of dollars worth of new hardware every few years. I realize I'm in a no-man's land, but I feel like...
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