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ANYTHING would be better than Chump USA. They've had the same damaged (I mean badly!-- The screen has practically been bent off the hinge) TiBook on display for over a year. Took 'em six months to put a 12 in. AI book on the floor-- still no 17... I'm thinking Lemonade stand sounds quite superior... CV
Well, the Apple Store in Austin, TX doesn't have them. Wait... There IS no Austin Apple Store! Can we get someone on that problem for me? CV
Funny you should post about the OWC cards. I just yesterday finished sticking their 1.25 gig upgrade card in a Sawtooth 450. I took all of fifteen minutes to swap the 2 chips out, and it's just about exactly 3 times faster than it used to be. does a few things just a hair faster than my Quicksilver dual gig, I'd say. Boots faster, and launches some apps faster. This is just a general "feel" kind of statement though, as I didn't sit there with a stopwatch, but I can...
Hmmm... Wacom tablet & Boot CD user here, with no troubles. Tried the obvious, like repairing permissions, and Disk Warrior yet? CV
They must be updating the iMacs. How do I know this? My kid's 15" shipped yesterday. CV
I wonder if Motorola's wondering that, too. CV
Unsanity's Metallifizer turns off brushed metal in Safari. I'm supposing that Unsanity will update Metallifizer to work with 10.3, but the one question would bw: does the brushed-metal finder use the same metal resources as app like Safari, where it can be replaced with Aqua elements, or is it hard-coded into the app, like iTunes. Has anybody tried to de-metallifize the finder in 10.3 using the current Unsanity Metallifizer? Just curious. CV
You can remove /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic Startup and save 20.6 mb. If you really want to go all out, you can remove the Classic Preference pane from /System/Library/PreferencePanes. It'll save you a whopping 200k! CV
There, fixed that for you. CV
I've run a couple archive and installs, and the option is to "Preserve Applications and Users," IIRC. My Adobe and other third-party apps all survived intact when I migrated from 10.1 to 10.2, and then again when I blew up my system playing around with themes 2 days later. I don't know if Apple's iApps survive, though. Perhaps they get overwritten, but third-party apps will still be there. CV
New Posts  All Forums: