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Sure looks like it to me too.
Oh please. Everyone knows they'll make it thinner than invisible.
I have a strong feeling it'll be either $49 or $79. Though, they may keep Lion (and all their future upgrades) at $29, which would be really nice.
Of course it's just a 'mild' refresh to you.
It seems like you're everywhere.
Quite a stupid retort that didn't even have anything to do with what you replied to.
Valid point. Though, I think the reason people don't trust Google's numbers is because of the variants of Android that aren't quite 'Android'. The numbers released by IDC/Gartner/Canalysis include these variants. The numbers Google released (activations-per-day) are pretty close to these numbers (even though they say they don't include these variants). So, do these phones based on Android variants sell in very low quantities, or is Google adding the sales of these Android...
Darn. I wasn't expecting anyone except those two to claim this.
It is? What problems are you having?
Exactly. I'm still not sure what people are still waiting for that will make them consider Lion as an upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: