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At least this didn't need a press conference. I'm glad they came clean about it. Of course, this opens a door to the flood of articles claiming that Apple's lying about this. Like the one already up on Gizmodo.
So why would these consumers think they are being ripped off? If Apple sells only a high end phone while Nokia sells a mix of high end and low end phones, isn't it obvious that Apple'd make more money from the sales of their phones, especially when the number sold is close to what Nokia sold? This "viewpoint" that you bring forth is very myopic and it seems like it isn't the typical consumer, but the viewpoint of someone that is trying his best to make it look like Apple's...
I guess you're right, nobody forced me. I was just compelled to simply because of how silly your post was.
Yeah, that move seems a little risky. I'm glad they also put in an option to take it back to how everyone's used to.I'm pretty sure nothing's going wrong. I wouldn't be surprised that this is the direction he wanted OS X to go.Wasn't that what things like 64-bit processing, GCD and OpenCL were developed to do? So if OS X is fulfilling his vision, what's the problem there?The things people did with their computers didn't seem more "dumb", it's simply that people who...
You obviously must have forgotten the iPod, Windows, Office and other monopolies.
I actually don't think they care about that. In fact, I think the consumers are smart enough to see that low priced Nokia phones aren't in the same league as an iPhone - that's another viewpoint.
That doesn't cover the "most" in your original comment.
Which competitors are giving 4 GB though? The only manufacturer serious about competing with the MBA is Samsung and their Series 9 computers come with 2 GB. I'll check again though, maybe I saw the wrong thing.
You know this how?
I see.
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