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Well those consumers must be silly if they aren't aware that Nokia sells a lot of lower cost smartphones along with their high-end ones. Doesn't that dilute the ASP of Nokia's phones? The ones that believe that Apple's "massively overcharging" for their phones simply because they generate more revenue with a lower number of units sold can't be serious with their thoughts.
How were they right if the iPhone actually took off in Europe?
Massively overcharged for what?
This should turn out interesting. Too bad I'm heading to bed now. 'night folks.
I think they should start using that in Android phone ads. "The multitasking is so "real" it uses 10x the battery life!!1!!11! How cool is that?! I bet your iPhone can't do that ;p*" *the smiley is sure to make iPhone users feel jealous.
Could you explain in detail how Android's implementation is better?
C'mon Apple, less suing, not more!
You thought something stupid and this was it.
New Posts  All Forums: