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I see we have another flummoxed one (I hope Ireland won't oppose to my use of Steve Jobs' exclusive word.)
Oh hai! Did you somehow get lost? I believe you are looking for Phandroid or AndroidCommunity forums with that comment.
Please don't be stupid. Why would you use the word 'retarded' there, where it makes no sense? I don't understand why there has been a sudden influx of easily butthurt fools here. If you can't take a joke directed at your company of choice (who are looking increasingly desperate) then don't come here and throw silly insults like that here.
So, which one of these posts made you write this? I don't see anyone that expects "any company (that's not apple) to give away their vault keys to each and every one of their competitors simply because IP patents and Copyrights are unfavourable ideas to consumers."
That's too bad.
So the iPhone 5 will flop if it doesn't have native GPS/NAV on it huh?
By improving it?
I don't understand. How has it become increasingly tethered? Hasn't it always used iTunes to get updates, backup, sync and transfer files? If anything, it's becoming less tethered from iTunes.
I think I believe this now.
Uh, why?
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