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For someone that believes "Flummoxed" is Steve Jobs' word, I doubt it.
I doubt it did. Steve Jobs wasn't the first person to use the word. The poster wants to use the word. Is it not possible that that was his opinion (and the word he's always used) before Steve used the word?
"Flummoxed" is not exclusive to Steve Jobs.
First, I didn't make any joke. Second, the joke wasn't a failure. Hopefully that sums it up for you.
I'm doubtful you'll understand it as you haven't so far.
Ah, I see. Thanks a lot.
Wait, what?
They increased the Mac mini from $499 to $599 to $699 The lower-end Macbook Pro 15" went from $1699 to $1799 The 2008 MacBook Unibody went from $1099 to $1199 and $1499 to $1599 for the low and high end models respectively. Then ther are those examples where they increased prices because the former prices hid the fact that the devices being sold were underpowered (not sure if I explained this right, so I'll give examples) The 17" MBP typically cost $2499 before the upgrade...
That's the funny thing. I'm not quite sure how everyone in the tech industry knows Ping is a failure, apart from "I don't use it, therefore it has failed." I wouldn't be surprised that Ping has tens of millions of users (who aren't us) and I doubt that's a failure.
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