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ascii, I too miss SJ, and the enthusiasm with which he talked about things. I think that's what was missing today. No RDF, no superlatives, just a bunch of guys doing their jobs really, REALLY well... but without that.... elan. SJ felt an urgency about this stuff who can forget Schiller at the Airport announcement? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MR4R5LdrJw Where was THIS? Hope springs Eternal, Mandricard AppleOutsider
http://appldnld.apple.com/FaceTime/0...5/FaceTime.dmg Whoops... someone beat me to it?
Not I.... anyone have a link?
I have had no issues w/ the proximity sensor, so I can't really test. The other oddity is that photos taken in portrait get into email boxes in landscape (try sending one to a webmail client vs. your mac). Hoping 4.01 fixes that.
Ouch... wonder how software will fix this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wzn8QhrYIvI This one is pretty condemning.... esp. w volume on. And mine just got prepared for shipment from Shenzhen. Hope it's a one of the miraculously unaffected.
Over at Macr**rs, someone has posted a fix for the reception problems: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=955742 essentially saying it looks like interference from the antenna/steel tray with the sim-card. Has anyone here tried the "fix"? (I trust this board more than that one.) Responses seem to be mixed, but many are saying it completely fixes their problems. (I would try but my iP4 is still on order.)
Not Sure if this is significant, but the shipping on new phones has (over the weekend) switched from July 14 to "Three weeks." I have an iP4 shipping July 14, but am thinking of cancelling my order until the reception issues get sorted out... Assume others here are in the same boat.
A question: This loss of signal that is happening (according to this article) has to do with the switching from one spectrum to another on ATT. It seems to be happening in England too. However, not in Germany. Do the carriers in England use the same two parts of the spectrum that ATT does? Also-- if it is an issue of reporting signal, what does it matter if there is no signal (once one touches the phone)? One still can't make a call, correct? Also-- while...
Someone said the below over on macr**ors.com: Can anyone else confirm this is happening?
Actually, no. The item should simply work as advertised. It should not need an additional purchase or some other kludge by the end user. Hope Springs Eternal, Mandricard AppleOutsider
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