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..it's a Marc Newson design from quite a few years back
Why couldn't you have two lightning ports? I'm sure it's set up so it detects what's being plugged into it. One plug to rule them all...
why did they bother with the 'M'?
in other headlines "Appleinsider to roll out glut of new stories today." :-)
Only in USA where things are still measured using the imperial system are building drawings called blueprints. It's a quaint archaic term. And to be pedantic a plan is a top view drawing... As opposed to elevations, sections, diagrams and details...but I digress.It just sounds a bit silly to use archaic terms on a tech site.
Okay... Hands up who's actually used/seen a blue print recently?................ Just what I thought.... None of you. Why? Because blueprints are a 19th century analogue technology that the world began to phase out in the 1940's. Yes that's right 70 years ago.... No apple store has ever been constructed using blue prints...period. Brisbane, also is a city where you can lodge applications electronically. This is the digital world... AI.
I think you are so on the money. Combine Prime Sense tech with an iMac and you have a way of inducing parallax.
hope the MacPro roll-out isn't a repeat of late 2012 iMac roll-out.....
not in Brisbane...   http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building/applying-and-post-approval/lodging-an-application/electronic-file-requirements/index.htm  
The irony is that the US still clings to imperial systems even though it is indeed pretty much the birthplace of the digital world we now inhabit.  There was no hate there, California, in particular is one of my favourite places. I do admit there was a little bait there.... which was gleefully gobbled up by everyone above. To pile irony on irony, the rest of us look smugly back at the US chiding this use of archaic systems whilst we, in the 'new world' go about comparing...
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