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hope the MacPro roll-out isn't a repeat of late 2012 iMac roll-out.....
not in Brisbane...   http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/planning-building/applying-and-post-approval/lodging-an-application/electronic-file-requirements/index.htm  
The irony is that the US still clings to imperial systems even though it is indeed pretty much the birthplace of the digital world we now inhabit.  There was no hate there, California, in particular is one of my favourite places. I do admit there was a little bait there.... which was gleefully gobbled up by everyone above. To pile irony on irony, the rest of us look smugly back at the US chiding this use of archaic systems whilst we, in the 'new world' go about comparing...
I don want to sound pedantic.... But the world started phasing out blueprints in the 1940's. That was 70 years ago and yet we still hear this archaic term...referring to an archaic analogue function. We live in a digital world now..... I guess the US still refuses to adopt the metric system....
sorry gazobee... but there is such a term as a 'colorway'... It is simply a color theme and is often used in product design.
isn't this just one of their phones?
There was nothing wrong with the size/format of the original iPhone. It was a good balance between functionality and portability - it still works and you can put it in your pocket. It's ridiculous that the whole market has been hijacked by some pubescent fad that says a stoopidly large 'mobile' phone is cool. It's just not good design and as such Apple should not go there.
    inane comment or sarcasm????????     please advise which one?
  Apple doesn't care about investors(broad sweeping generalisation here), but there would be no Apple without a profitable business. And SJ knew this. So Apple sees its fiduciary obligation to its customers and not its investors - to make profit to enable continuation of R+D. Certainly I agree with the second part of your post.   ...it's just 99% true. without investors Apple would never have got past the first Apple to produce the Apple][. Without investors Apple would...
you've obviously never used a high end application...... otherwise you wouldn't make so many uninformed remarks in one post
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