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I have the following: G4 667 OSX.3 20" cinema display I love it....except... I sometime find that windows get hidden about a inch to the right of the right hand side of the screen. I know this because when you minimise the offending window using genie effects it comes screaming in from somewhere off to the right hand side. Also I sometimes lose my pointer in this virtual world off to the right. Can anyone advise??? Thanks
maybe I am twisting what you wrote? I don't know. There are just words on the screan at my end. Okay, I agree with you. Syrians should rise up and remove the 'Cancer'. But if the US is to do the removing, then they(the US Administration) have got to be transparent, honest and just. And that has certainly not happened thus far in this conflict. There is certainly more to this than 911 or WMD or SH. I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with oil, maybe not, I don't...
'psyco-babble'???? You might want to smack someone, I would rather want to know why that person is acting in an agressive manner and then seek to resolvethe matter. That is what civilised, sophisticated, mature parties (for example, the US) sould stive for. Not the stupid tit for tat responses you see in the pla ground. I have no doubt the Bullying is extraordinarily difficult to deal with. But smacking them back is simply not the answer.
"Maybe Syria should be next, then maybe we will finally find the WMD's. Eliminate all of the problems with one proverbial stone" what about the WMD's? what is a WMD that you suggest Syria might have. And what are all of the 'problems' you think might be eliminated with one proverbial stone?? I actually went to the middle east for business, post 911, and met up with Saudis, Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese. Some of the most hospitable people I have...
A 'bully'!!!!!! Iraq/sadam Husein, a 'bully'??? to whom?? to you??? certainly SH was a bully to his own people. to 'beat the crap' out of someone because they 'bullied' you????!!!!! I'm sorry but I don't buy that as a valid response. Do you really think that if you 'beat the crap' out of someone that that earns their respect? How about earning respect by showing respect. You seem to miss the point that Terrorist come not only from fundamentalist Muslim groups but from...
No I didn't say that terrorism didn't concen me. Fruit cakes don't only come from the Middle East, there are quite a few in the west as well. I do recall that a certain Timothy McVay blew up his own countrymen which is also an act of terror. I suspect the problem is every one is busy building walls and becoming insular rather than building bridges.
fair point but,(and slightly moving away from the topic), the way the US violates international law and human rights, in the way it holds 'detainees' at Guantanomo Bay is hypocritical (regardless of what those detainees may have done).
don't you mean 'PWMDP' (possible weapons of mass destruction programs) WMD is just FUD remember too the US has WMD, Russia has WMD, France has WMD, and so on and so on. and aeroplane laden with fuel is a WMD Eliminate all the misleading propaganda from both sides, then and only then will you and I know what the problem really is, if in fact a 'problem' exists at all.
My oringinal reference to UN could have been replace with; traffic cop, monkey, can of baked beans...or whatever When I wrote "Do you think the US administration would allow the UN to inspect its weapons programs?", the 'its' is the US administration. Anyway the point I was making was that the lack of cooperation by the Iraqis with weapons inspectors may have been due to national pride - in the same way the US might react if an external body attempted to invasively...
Oh come off it...... Do you think the US administration would allow the UN to inspect it's weapons programs? I don't think so. Does the US administration respect international law? I don't think so. It is possible that Iraqis are human beings and had a sense of national pride even if their leader was a tyranical bastard.
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