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absolutely....... toooooo many times have I seen the spinning wheel of death on a 1GHz iMac. The problem is that it is both underpowered and overpriced. If it were just overpriced (by that I mean a premium price for a computer) then I'd just buy one because the initial price is only one part of the equation.
What started out as a simple snippet from Apple Australia, with the slimmest of bearing on possible G5 updates, has become a discussion somewhat bigger than I imagined. It suggestes to me that no one has any idea as to when updates might happen. The only thing we know is that there will be an update.
We are at the 'arse' (excuse the Australian colloquialism) end of the world and are a dumping ground for last seasons technology.
Apple Australia trade in offer ending 26 March 2004 may give some clues as to G5 upgrade in Australia?? ...long wait.... [URL=http://www.apple.com.au/promo/tradeupg5/]
well yes I love my pismo.... but the wife (home) gets that one (the wallstreet is getting on) will see what happens on 24th.
thanks for the replies
I am looking to move from my much loved Pismo to something with a little more grunt. The Pismo is okay but I need more power for 3D modelling and more screen real estate. G4 Powerbook or G5 Powermac? Does Vectorworks utilise the power of a G5 or will I not notice any tangible benefits over a G4. I have a friend who just got a Dual 2GHz G5 and was a bit unconvinced by the claims of speed when using Vectorworks. anyone....
In some ways it makes sense. M$ gets to sell XP at the same time as Office in the 'hope' that the wayward see the light. Cripples VP so that the user experience is less than on a PC and blames the whole thing eventually on emulation difficulties. And then casually suggests that we'd all be better of using a PC
yeah, I know, big call talking up apple works! but I'm still using OS9 and Apple Works 5. Yep...I've seen OSX Apple Works and 'urrgh' is a word that comes to mind. But for basic letters, reports it isn't too bad. I work with someone else who uses M$ Word on PC and I'd have to say the letters I produce are far superior to his (In terms of appearance). Text and graphics both look better in printed form.
Well lets hope they do it then! The only problem would be if they did it before Open Office or Apple has a viable option. Personally I still find Apple works does most tasks reasonably well. And in some cases superior to M$ especially where simple graphics are included.
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