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when Apple came out with the iPod everyone said it was lame.... 'who'd want another mp3 player' if Apple comes out with a 32" TV it will more than likely be a success because it will change the way we view TV and therefore it will not need to be 60". Why does the average person need a 60" TV anyway?? (real question not rhetorical...)
no it's not you can squeeze more than enough pixels into that size
well yes... but they (MSFT shareholders) do get a dividend. What would be interesting would be to do a return on investment for both AAPL and MSFT. The problem is what time scale to choose.
don't you think my 'plucked from my arse' theory sounds good though I will investigate your theory, but could it not be that we are in effect saying the same thing?
Not only that.... ,not only that, but calling it "Qantas Airway" annoys the hell out of me considering it's actually "Qantas Airways Limited". ....sorry dude, long afternoonActually I din't know that I always thought it was just the acronym (Queensland And Northern Territory Air (edit -Aerial apparently) Service).
I have never used android, but I bet it is better than any in flight entertainment system currently out there. The best one I have seen is on Emirates and compared to iOS it is an absolute dog. But on long haul wrestling with it occupies your time....
Ever heard of the term ex-dividend? When a company pays a dividend the share price usually drops to reflect the fact that the company is worth less than it was before it paid the dividend. If they don't pay a dividend then in AAPL's case the value of the company increases and this is reflected in the market cap. Yes the PE ratio is dropping and on that basis yes a dividend may increase value to shareholders. But which other company would you have invested in over the...
When the financial sector collapsed and the government (the one that talks about small government) propped up the banks. They said of some of them ... " they are TOO BIG to fail" the key words here are 'TOO BIG' In this case it is not that Apple is TOO BIG to fail, rather Apple has a cultural paradigm that will more likely see it succeed. Also Apple never talks about itself in the negative, only the positive - M$ does the opposite.
Angst with Steve Jobs is only from the anti Apple geek squad who like to have geeky conversations about geek stuff that isn't from Apple. For 99% of the rest of the world Steve Jobs is someone they notice when he is in the MASS media. 99% of people (making an over generalisation here) do not care about the machinations of the tech world. So no I do not agree that 'most android users' had contention with Steve Jobs - they just used an Android phone. And most of them...
I don't see any difference between the banners and the product. They both remove superfluous detail. They don't need "pizazz', it just needs to work elegantly - and that's where the aesthetic is.
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