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not hatered... it is a piece of shite. The problem is Adobe has no real competitors and whilst a program like photoshop may be the best in it's class, it works like software from the 1990's. Adobe are lazy because there is no one pushing them
They are always presented with a line-out. The presentation is mission critical... so risk minimisation is key.
following that line of argument why didn't ADC catch on? was it a licensing issue or just a mine is better than yours attitude in the market? I suppose it must take a lot of effort for any technology to gain enough traction that it can be regarded as a standard.
better still why not post only, say, once every ten times rather than 'squeaking' at every opportunity in a typically inane and inflammatory manner. perhaps reading up may make this happen... good idea Melgross (not having a go at you here by the way....)
I'm not sure how it could be read any other way. The numbers show a 60% decline in value per share for Macs. There are only two possible inferences from that: 1- either he believes there will be a 60% decline in Mac sales 2 - or, he believes that Apple will somehow give the perception that Macs are worth 60% less to stockholders. I don't believe either, and would add the $29 back on top of the $235 to get a more realistic prediction. Am very please to see, for once, that...
Originally Posted by orange whip It is the culture, ethos and management at Apple that allows great things to happen. that is the fundamental reason. not one man - Steve Jobs. If steve Jobs were not at the helm Apple would continue to be brilliant until that culture, ethos and management evaporated. Actually you are saying exactly what I am saying. And I agree with you except that I believe a post Jobs Apple will not be as flimsy (reading between your lines) as you...
It would be fair to say that the direction of Apple changed under different stewardship. But the world was a different company back then and Apple was an immature company. There is now focus, integrated systems, experience, aggrandizement (Apple projects well beyond its market share now). So I would argue that Apple without Jobs does not automatically become "failure, confusion, laziness, no vision or plan". I agree that without Jobs things will not be the same in...
yes steve is responsible for the ethos..... I said that. no steve does not create the market penetration. He does not personally staff retail centers and so on. It is Apple's staff that does that with Steve overseeing. Steve is brilliant but it takes more than one person.
actually you "respectfully" agree with me that "The guy in charge sets the tone of the company and that's Steve Jobs. One of the elements is he has been able to corral the 'nerds''. it's the same with Ive. He does not design everything. He has a huge team around him. I actually know what I am talking about here as a designer. It is never a one man show.
Apple has approximately 35000 employees. If Apple is a one band man, where Steve decides everything, they why bother employing 35000 employees? Yes he is a guiding force but that is what my post is arguing. Without its culture, ethos and management Apple is nothing. Steve Jobs did not design the glass cube that sits on 5th Ave. He owns it. Which is more remarkable, the fact that he owns it or its aesthetic and dramatic qualities. Yes Steve scrutinised the design but is...
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