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I think you should re-read my two posts above yours. The two can be inextricably linked. The whole 'green' thing is not hippy shit. It is kind of funny that all those greenies ended up be right all along. In any case why should any company operate in my backyard with out bearing the cost for its use? This has nothing to do with utopian bullshit, it is simply a constraint that we simple cannot ignor.
Here's another example of where a company doing the right thing actually saves money. There is an arguement that waste is actually a product that is produced. To produce something costs money. If you can reduce waste, which can't be monetized, then you improve your bottom line. And is that not an obligation of any publically listed company.
SpamSandwich, with all due repect are you teleporting from last century?? (please excese me there not really having a go at you... )Don't you think that any company has an obligation to the context they operate in, which includes environment, society etc. As in, we don't generally accept companies exploiting children or allowing workers of operate in manifestly unsafe environments. So why should we alllow companies to exploit the environment in which we all share and...
....not sure about this, but wasn't the iSight also removed because of contaminants? Also, as for how much Apple should or shouldn't do, I firmly believe they should be worlds best practice when it comes to environmentallt sustainable design. Sustainable design is simply a constraint just as budget, functionality, ease of use and so on are. Apple rigorously pursues excellence in all areas except in the area of environmental considerations. Apple are brilliant designers...
"Apple is now ranked at number 121 through a spike in its revenue to $19.3 billion over the course of 2006" This is not a spike.... a spike is a pointy thing. When we see a dramatic downturn to $6B annual revenue then we will call the previous event a spike, At the moment it is growth.
The herd mentality of investors is to sell shares just following announcements as they believe the the 'drought' of news that follows an earnings anouncement is all doom and gloom (a self fulfilling FUD atmosphere). The herd tends to buy shares when they are up and sell when they are down. Make sense?... not to me either..... Smart investors buy when the shares are down and sell when they are up..... and that is how you make money.It is a contrarian position as it is...
fair point... I was being a grumpy arse that day....I do apologise
You do your country no favours with that kind of attitude.
I've already experience 13 hours of Firiday. The world is not entirely US Centric
the chin, the chin, the chin....... you get the most elegant desktop in the world and the only thing discussed the the 'chin' Give a good reason to get rid of it. I actually think there are a number of functional reasons for it. The primary reason of the chin is to lower the centre of gravity of the iMac to improve stability whilst maintaining the screen at a higher level. The second reason (although I am just making this up now!) is that some componants that are...
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