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fair point... I was being a grumpy arse that day....I do apologise
You do your country no favours with that kind of attitude.
I've already experience 13 hours of Firiday. The world is not entirely US Centric
the chin, the chin, the chin....... you get the most elegant desktop in the world and the only thing discussed the the 'chin' Give a good reason to get rid of it. I actually think there are a number of functional reasons for it. The primary reason of the chin is to lower the centre of gravity of the iMac to improve stability whilst maintaining the screen at a higher level. The second reason (although I am just making this up now!) is that some componants that are...
.....but that would have been a bad move for AAPL. for one, a single modle can test the market to see what response there is (I doubt this is the case with the shuffle as Apple have a good understanding of the market they opperate in, but you know this) and more importantly, the refresh that the colours bring stimulate the market further - it keeps the story alive and fresh. how many people will aquire additional suffles to complement their clear annodised model? you are...
but it's already been to 93.....
Yes, but, AAPL has been a shining light for some time now. How long will it take for people that AAPL has sustained and substantial growth? Even Yahoo has a better forward PE and it's not doing that well.
Try this link. I think this will give you the answer you're looking for http://quotes.nasdaq.com/aspxcontent...&mkttype=AFTER
I bought in at the bottom of that rather tall water fall and nearly bailed whe it went well into the teens. Bought more at 55 and 75. Its all up from here. Why does it trade at such a low forward PE? I wonder whether Apple's typical consevative guidance affects the forward PE multiple???
The Zurich report is interseting in that they don't put too much weight on Mac sales - they don't see much growth there. I suspect they are being somewhat conservative. (I think I came across that one over at Mac Observer AFB). I'd have to say that you must have been very confident to buy in so heavily at $16. It flat lined for so long. I bought in just after the big crash in 2000. Long wait but still worth it.
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