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Try this link. I think this will give you the answer you're looking for http://quotes.nasdaq.com/aspxcontent...&mkttype=AFTER
I bought in at the bottom of that rather tall water fall and nearly bailed whe it went well into the teens. Bought more at 55 and 75. Its all up from here. Why does it trade at such a low forward PE? I wonder whether Apple's typical consevative guidance affects the forward PE multiple???
The Zurich report is interseting in that they don't put too much weight on Mac sales - they don't see much growth there. I suspect they are being somewhat conservative. (I think I came across that one over at Mac Observer AFB). I'd have to say that you must have been very confident to buy in so heavily at $16. It flat lined for so long. I bought in just after the big crash in 2000. Long wait but still worth it.
Well done....you must be somewhat pleased! $22 pre split and $56....but a mangitude less shares. I think even now AAPL is good value - Zurich is suggesting a target price of $116 (current brokerage firm concensus $93). It wont be long before others raise their targets and the price will follow like it did in 2005. (Not that I know anything about this, except for a healthy paper profit)
it's showtime..... 1920 by 1200
I suspect there must be some technical reason why you can't daisy chain usb in a manner that will supply sufficient power I do think on another point, that apple has done well rationalising the available ports: we can be thankful that we don't have some of the legacy ports like parallel ports.
[QUOTE=JeffDM]Turning the unit around like that has a good chance of disconnecting how many times have I truned my iMac around, only to rip the power cable out I really like having USB ports in the keybord but it would be nice if more power could get to the keyboard to make a greater variety of things work
Perhaps the answer is to only provide ports at the front (Like Mac Pro) that are either for temporary connection (such as a camera) or for things like headphones which directly interface with the user. Beyond that I think ports out the back is more functional for cable control! and is obviously less fug
...you keep shooting down my arguments with perfectly valid counterpoints!! The funny thing about the iMac in a reall world use is the amount of cable clutter.... unless of course you purchace all the peripheral stuff like, airport and wireless mouse/keyboard. You know, I would have to say that the best, by far laptop I ever had was the Pismo. All the ports were at the back and the optical media came out the side. Inserting a DVD into the Macbook Pro feels ergonomically...
True, but are we comparing Apple as a whole to Wintel or MP3 as a whole or cherry picking the best bits from Wintel or MP3 against the worst of Apple? Apple aint perfect by any means, but as a whole it tastes better than Wintel I'd have to say that the nippled mighty mouse is half arsed/ half baked (bit like the original click wheel), when you compare to the way the trackpad works (The whole two finger thing is great.....well I like it!) I certainly think Apple needs...
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