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[QUOTE=JeffDM]Unfortunately, Apple is a business that tries to be different almost to the extent of being solely for the sake of being different, and often times, style over substance. I think you are somewhat right here, except that I would say that Apple sees aethetics as an important aspect of the product where as the general PC market (well, pretty much all of it) doesn't. Why shouldn't products be beutiful. In any case I use my mac for business (as well as...
you think the iMac is hideous??? Is there something better than an iMac. Sony doesn't even come close to the aesthetic prowess of Apple industrial design. (Actually I am always bemused when Apple nuts get excited about Sony industrial design - its clunky and overlayed with stylistic devices to make it look good) Apple industrial design, from the box it comes in to the power brick to the core product itself is almost unique, in its total design approach (Then add on...
its not easy being an antipodean and keeping up with you lot.... I generally read all this stuff after you've all gone to bed!it is good to see the occasional bouts of inane puerility accepted for what they are.... inane puerility.
you buggaI'll take 13!!
sorry... It looks as though MS are simply mimicking the general form factor of the iPod so that there is an association to the iPod, and that equals quality, ease of function etc. They then differentiate the device to give it a percieved edge regardless of whether that differentiation is usefull or not. Then they flog the thing for less than cost and make it look like its a genuine hit Then the masses buy them like sheep (But this may take many years and lots of M$)
tenth post!!!! ten times cooler than noo-mer-o uno
Agreed, but is there no obligation for companies like Apple to conduct there business ethically (And I am in not way suggesting that a Company like Apple is generally unethical)? For example Nokia is listed on ethical managed funds so therefore must act ethically.
This is starting to get off the track, but... Apparently in the good ol USA the average middle to upper income earner works 2400 hours per year. That is hard work! Yet the same Dutch employee enjoys the same standard of living yet only works 1600 hours per year. Where do you want to be? (I suspect that the average lowly paid chinese worker works a 2400 hour year for a much lower standard of living)
Im not from America, I'm actually a lot closer to Asia than that. I have been involve in a number of large construction projects in China. I do read a lot and are far more critical what is put infrom of me than the average schmo. I cannot stand tourist attractions of westernised hotels when visiting another country. As for China there is a huge migration from subsistance living in rural areas to urbanisation. Yes these people need jobs and in many cases these people are...
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