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Not according to some analysts, who chose to ignore Cook's comments: "I am a little bit disappointed, but not surprised, on the year-to-year drop in iPad units," Paul Meeks, a senior analyst at Saturna Capital, said on CNBC's "Closing Bell" Monday. "What is happening is the iPhone is cannibalizing the iPad." That reminds me, I need to apply for a job as an analyst. Seems like the easiest job in the world.
I've worked for about 5 different retailers and most of them required bag checks. I never waited 10-15 minutes and they don't take 5 minutes. You wait less time than that at airport security let alone a retail store.
13" iPad would be amazing for enterprise (by that I mean the workplace, not the starship).
So the 'uniquely Google approach' is to charge 2.5x what a Pandora subscription costs?
The only winners in all this back and forth litigation are the lawyers, who are laughing all the way to the bank.
I don't think the PC market is shrinking, just changing. Sales of the overall PC market have been dropping since the iPad was released, but I'd be more interested in seeing usage statistics (if they even exist). Upgrade cycles for PC's are getting longer as people can do the majority of work on 5+ year old PC's - half my company (S&P 500) is still running Windows XP. Design teams all use Macs but all of them are 3+ years old. The only new hardware for end users they are...
Nokia should have gone the Samsung route and made decent-ish hardware running whatever OS consumers want to buy when they can't afford an iPhone. A Lumia running Andriod would sell a lot better than a Lumia running Windows phone.
The current 360 UI is the Metro interface. It basically looks like a giant advert, it's horrible.
I'm excited by the potential of the Ouya system. Bringing the mobile pricing structure and ease of development to the TV with a physical controller is a niche that no one has exploited yet (and no, plugging your phone into a TV doesn't count). The Ouya also has the standard video streaming apps that smart TV's have. That said, an Apple TV with a physical gaming controller would crush this.
  I must have missed that. General consensus from the press I looked at was that it was an overpriced hybrid device that would confuse consumers and wouldn't even make a dent in Android tablet sales let alone ipad.   I'm amazed 1.5M have sold, I have yet to see anyone using one.
New Posts  All Forums: