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Whatever make you sleep at night.   After getting the mini, i didn't even touch the iPad 2 anymore :) the white 4s to go with white iPad 2, and the black slate 5 to go with black slate mini.  Love how light it is, i am a small import business owner, i think my customers will be happy to look at my products on a much lighter and thinner iPad mini. Edit: picture was taken by my wife 4s with instagram filter :)  
Got mine and using it since afternoon, and it is just freaking awesome, dont wanna put it down.Share yours...
Scamsung is a freaking thief, n the UK judge is a joke.
I like the Loop's take. Straight and forward, no holding back. Cheapskates have no sense in whatsoever, cause' they have to fix that piss poor cheap crapstic from google, samsuck, or whatever cheap manufactures.
Just done with my order. Now is the waiting game
Next week Scamsung will have its event at Seoul Theatre introducing the next Galaxy Tab mini which will be the exact copy of the iPad mini, the only different is the cheap plastic with crappy OS for all the cheapskates who think $329 is too much to ask from their parents since they already live in the basement for free.
Thank whoever making this website, just to show how Scamsung rip off Apple as a whole. Yep, it doesn't take a genius to see how you rip off Apple. Only the blind judges around the world At least, in the U.S, Apple can get justice.         Source: http://samsungcopiesapple.tumblr.com/     Hey, you asked for it Samsung.     Okay, Samsung didn’t do this, Samsungs presidents brother did. And they sure as hell certified it for their...
it is a shame to be a Korean, look at their phones from Samsung, everything is a copy of Apple, and look at those Kia and Hyundai, their cars either look like Lexus, Honda, or Mercedes. I wouldn't want to be caught with a Samsung phone on my hand. look freaking cheap with the plastic, and only the cheapskate that buy cheap Galaxy (Shit)x3
i hope one and for all, this will stop Samsuck making cheap KIRF. This Samsuck need to be punished for using Apple at R&D. 
thanks, that is good to know it is a software bug. hope they get it fixed next update.
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