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When I asked question yesterday it was out of frustration. I've been waiting on the new Mac App store to help me with this issue. I think it is an obvious addition and would have absolutely no impact on iPad sales. I own three Macs, two iPhones and an iPad. I know most people own more than one computing or mobile device so the addition seems logical to me. Amazon seems to agree with me.
I've miss something. How can I read books I bought on iTunes on another reader? This could be big for me.
I was afraid that would happen. They are selling all the iPads they can make so you'd think that they would want to sell more books. Hell, they could even keep their customers happy.
Would someone help me understand why Apple did not add iBook reader to the new app store? I have an iPad and buy and read a lot of books but would love to be able to read these same purchased books on my MacBook Pro.
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