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You want both ends of the pen to be a writing end??
We might as well use numbers from the same source to mitigate possible differences between individual phones. The Note 5 registered at 440 nits at manual max brightness and 861 on auto in the Displaymate article I linked.
Actually the latest generation panels can exceed 550 nits without automatic brightness according to Anandtech.http://www.anandtech.com/show/9558/the-samsung-galaxy-note5-and-galaxy-s6-edge-review/3The automatic mode can send the brightness above 850 nits.http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note5_ShootOut_1.htm
1. Only the Moto 360 has a flat tire.2. That's a blank space on the rendered image.
I completely agree that the pixel life could be an issue, but I haven't seen any evidence that over the lifetime of a phone there is meaningful degradation.
Interesting. I haven't heard of that until now.
That's not evidence that they degrade after several months. Please cite an analysis of an OLED screen after several months of use.HDR is a camera function.The diamond grid that Samsung uses isn't required. That's just what they've chosen to use to solve whatever engineering problems they were faced with. Higher resolutions do, of course, cause the GPU to work harder and could negatively impact battery life, but that's not a characteristic of an OLED display.
Evidence of that?
I don't see your point. The screen can go into that mode under normal use even if you can't drag the brightness slider far enough to take it there. For the record, the screen on the Note 5 reaches 566 nits with manual adjustment, and even that is higher than the maximum brightness of the iPhone 6, according to Anandtech. They haven't posted results for the 6S or I'd use that for comparison.
What are you talking about? The measured qualities are exactly what would determine the ability of a display to produce a realistic image. White point, color accuracy, gamma, etc. are either well calibrated or they're not. It doesn't matter whether a display is OLED or LCD; if the display is calibrated properly then images will look natural. OLED, as it turns out, can be better calibrated than an LCD.
New Posts  All Forums: