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You're misconstruing the reason that the 16GB model is selling quickly. It's because it's the cheapest model, not because it's the favored storage capacity. People buying that model are either deciding that they can find a way to make do with 16GB or they don't have any comprehension of what that capacity means in real world usage.
What Apple knows is that people are more likely to upgrade to the second tier of storage if the first is inadequate. There are a lot more people who are comfortable with 32GB than 16GB, and that would reduce their conversion rate on upgrades.
There is a market for 16GB phones, just not at $649.Pass me the crack pipe. You've had enough.
 Obviously 16GB of storage space is very limiting regardless of how much the phone costs.  The difference is that a $380 phone can be expected to have compromises.  A $650 phone should not, let alone one costing $750.
I wouldn't expect the training to totally eliminate that problem. You have to train Android before it will allow OK Google to activate the search interface, and as you've discovered, search can still be triggered by other people if you're able to imitate the phone owner's speech at a basic level (pitch, cadence, etc.).
I hope Apple uses surveys like this to decide a round watch is acceptable. Looks like there's not lot of list-reading going on...
Obvious dodge since neither #5 nor #23 are the least bit defensive. #5 is expressing excitement for Apple's implementation of the feature while #23 is describing the current functionality and praising it.
No I don't think it's the most accurate display ever made, just the most accurate put into a mobile device. Forgive my omission of that distinction. I didn't realize there would be confusion that the scope of my comment was limited to mobile devices.
Actually it's the most accurate display ever made. See the link below. I've included quotes in case you don't care to take the link.http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note5_ShootOut_1.htm"Even better, the measured Absolute Color Accuracy for the Note 5 Basic screen mode is an impressive 1.4 JNCD, the most color accurate display that we have ever measured for a Smartphone or Tablet, which is visually indistinguishable from perfect...""When Automatic Brightness is turned On,...
You're joking, right? Samsung makes all the tiny internal components that other manufacturers use to make small devices.
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