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OLED is actually just as accurate as LCD (and sometimes more accurate). Go check out the reviews of the latest Samsung displays on Anandtech and Display Mate.This is a quote from Display Mate's analysis of the display in the Note 5:"The Galaxy Note 5 matches or breaks new records in Smartphone display performance for:Highest Absolute Color Accuracy (1.4 JNCD), Highest Peak Brightness (861 nits), Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light (183), Highest Screen Resolution...
You're right. I shouldn't have wasted my keystrokes replying to such an obvious troll comment. And I'll take it as a compliment that you think his post was beneath a reply from me. {Internet hug}PS I'm not defending Samsung. I'm just pointing out the ridiculousness of the post I replied to. Samsung has enough people here skewering them. I don't need to pile it on, although I think rolling out a color of the same name is an unnecessary attempt to ride the wave of...
That's ridiculous revisionist history. Everyone on this site recognized how different Samsung's approach to phone size was, and they made fun of them for it. The iPhone did not start the big phone trend in any way, shape, or form.
That's totally irrelevant. You've diverted the subject. Elon Musk is changing the future. Private space travel will be incredibly significant. Eventually the vast majority of economic activity will involve space travel, and we're witnessing the beginning of that today.
Which non-government rockets have been launched since the 50s?
He's launched rockets so I'd say the future is now. If you're waiting on the day when our lives are like the Jetsons', then you're going to be waiting a while before you consider private space travel a success. I think that's too high a standard, but to each his own.
You're all focused on Tesla. I said Elon Musk, not Tesla, is shaping the future. SpaceX, his other major business, is commercializing space travel, which will eventually lead to the biggest change in human behavior ever (not to say that SpaceX will always be at the forefront of private space travel but they're currently pushing the boundaries). There is nothing going on at Apple that approaches the significance of that. They make beautiful, capable consumer...
Elon Musk is building technology that is shaping the future. If he wants to give his opinion on a company making really well marketed consumer goods, I think he's entitled.
I'll be interested to see how the 6S gets rated by DxO Mark this year. Sony is currently in first place but the 6S might unseat them.
Do you understand trends? Popularity of the 16GB model declined 17.5% year over year. It's good for Apple, though, since those sales will go into the higher-margin models.
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