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It only works with major apps. I think that Samsung has to build compatibility for each app because Android multi window support is in development still.
They have put split-screen multitasking on all of their flagship products since 2012, so there are hundreds of millions of Samsungs already on the market with this feature. That actually matters.
 What does that have to do with I/O compared to WWDC?
 There's no problem with that at all.  My initial post was meant to draw attention to the comical situation into which DED has once again placed himself after his article about Google bringing nothing new to Android.  M is mostly focused on stability and polish rather than new features just like iOS 9, but Google still managed to make major changes to the platform, some of which are just bringing feature parity (granular permissions) and some of which are genuine...
 No, just telling the truth.  I think this is a catch-up release.  There's nothing at all that's new.
I'm looking forward to this update.  There aren't any particular features I wanted to see added to OS X, so a focus on performance sounds perfect to me.
What a hilariously lackluster release after DED's article lambasting the comparatively major changes to Android revealed at I/O. Edit: The split-screen multitasking is a big change for iOS, and a much-needed feature. Unfortunately it's not big news in the mobile world since Samsung has done this since 2012.
 Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
 A deadline always poses challenges, especially when it's adhered to strictly, but it's hard to find fault with a deadline that's two or three times longer than the deadlines imposed by two major cybersecurity organizations.  Even if those organizations were generous enough to grant an extra month of leeway, they'd still fall short of Google's deadline.
Thus doesn't represent 1% of all retail transactions. It's 1% of digital payments which wouldn't include traditional cash or credit card transactions.
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