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 No you're flat out wrong.  Android can be used however by whomever.  Android with Google Play Services (what is sold as Android on most handsets) has certain requirements as you can see from the article.
Your use case is not typical for most smartphone users. People generally spend a lot more time looking at the screen than making phone calls. For me personally I spend about an hour on the phone each week, but I spend about 3 hours a day looking at the screen whether I'm on the internet or using an app. I expect I'm atypical as for how little I make phone calls, but the bias is in that direction.
DED your chart doesn't show the information you wrote in the article. Just FYI.
 There was an article on AI not long ago by none other than DED that stated that Samsung's flagship S4 and Note series equaled 2/3 of the volume of the iPhone.  I don't think it's possible that all of LG's, Sony's, HTC's, and Motorola's flagships' combined sales don't equal the remaining third of iPhone sales, and all of those flagships have the large screens you dislike so much.  But let's say you don't think the sales of flagships will quite equal the iPhone's, so...
 Here you go Soli.  I calculated the size of the bezels of all the devices on that list.  It's not perfectly accurate because I made the calculations assuming all the devices have flat sides.  The first picture shows them ordered by side bezels smallest to largest.  The second is top/bottom bezels smallest to largest. The iPhones have reasonably small side bezels as of the 5/5s, but the top and bottom bezels are relatively enormous thanks to the home button and requirement...
 Now you want to reduce the bezels.   People want a larger screen because of the benefits like better readability, a more immersive experience, and more information viewable at once.  They have decided that those benefits outweigh the decrease in one-handed usability.  That said, larger screens than what is on the iPhone can still comfortably be used with one hand, though maybe less comfortably.  The Moto X is the prime example.  It's well within the range of one-handed...
This is an exciting rumor!  The iPhone has way too much bezel right now.  I don't expect it to have no bezel at all because from what I've read, there has to be some margin to leave space for side buttons.  LG gave that as the reason for the transition to its backside button placement on the G2, which has the smallest bezels yet on a phone that I'm aware of.
It looks like they went with the Google style card interface, which I find odd since the Android version is actually less Google-ish.
That's fair, but it's not how I interpret his post.
 I think it's unreasonable to call them new product categories, except maybe the iPad (I don't know whether there were tablets before the iPad, but I've heard there were).  The iPhone was a smartphone, which existed before.  It might even be categorized as a touchscreen smartphone, but that wasn't a new category either.  What set the iPhone apart was that it was the first good touchscreen smartphone, but "good touchscreen smartphones" isn't a product category.  When Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: