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You're still missing the point. The point is that they could have been EVEN LARGER were it not for the quest for thin.
You're missing the point. All of those models could have had larger batteries if they had been made thicker.In spite of the additional height of the iPhone 5 over the 4, the volume of the 5 is 12% smaller than the 4 thanks to its thinness. If Apple had kept the 5 the same thickness as the 4, it would have increased the volume by 22% compared to the model as it was released. The battery appears to occupy about 40% of the space inside the iPhone 5/5S, so in theory Apple...
Don't you think there should be a little give and take? I mean in the last 3 years alone Apple has borrowed liberally from Android.http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-copied-android-in-ios-7-2013-6?op=1http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-copied-features-2014-6http://time.com/2818206/ios-8-android/http://www.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/apple-copies-a-bunch-of-features-from-android-calls-it-ios5-updated/2295
I'm thinking Lollipop. It even suits the more colorful UI since lollipops come in many colors and flavors.
Parade canceled due to rain.
Is that anything like Apple's move to a 16:9 iPhone or the move to a much larger display this fall?
You don't repeatedly turn on the phone to respond to one notification. You repeatedly turn on the phone to check whether you have a notification. Whether or not you do this, I see people do this all the time.
There is no contradiction in what he wrote. He said there is no notification after the initial chime, and in order to find out about missed notifications in the case that you miss the initial chime you have to turn on the display. That solution is not elegant because by repeatedly turning on the display to discover any missed notifications you drain a lot of battery.Android phones have gotten around this problem with the notification LED and even more advanced solutions...
Eh, it goes both ways.
Take that up with DED. I'm just quoting him.
New Posts  All Forums: