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 I don't want the touchscreen to replace the trackpad.  I want to have both because sometimes it's more intuitive to reach out and "touch" the image on screen.
I am very glad that they have no intention of merging iOS and OSX, but I would really like to see a Mac with a touchscreen at some point.  OSX isn't ready yet unfortunately.
   Yes, I know the divisions performed differently, but this article was about Samsung's company-wide earnings.  Those company-wide earnings didn't decrease based on a decrease in revenue; instead they decreased based on an increase in expenses.
 So, just to be clear, you don't disagree with me?  Samsung's earnings didn't decrease because of a decrease in sales?  Good, I'm glad we're on the same page.
 Again, this isn't due to lower revenues and therefore isn't due to lower sales.  It is due to an increase in expenses.
This can't be blamed on competition because revenue is actually up slightly from Q3 2013 and up significantly from Q4 2012.  Revenues are perfectly correlated with sales, so sales couldn't have declined unless per-device margins increased.   This drop in profits is due to increased expenses.
   You both are missing the point.  I'm not comparing the Moto G to the 5C.  I'm saying that there is plenty of room at the low end of the market for Apple to sell a profitable iPhone. And sog35, I've watched several in depth video reviews about the Moto G and none complained about slow or choppy performance.  They cut costs by eliminating the LTE radio and choosing a lower quality camera, among other cutbacks.  Nothing that they cut out leads to a bad experience,...
The Moto G is a perfect example of cheap but not junk. It's a fantastic device that makes very few compromises to reach its $180 price point. Apple could match that phone in design and capabilities and sell it for $250 or less off contract to maintain its high margins.
No, it was realized that a much larger screen could be comfortably used with one hand, especially when the bezel around the screen was minimized.
New Posts  All Forums: