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 I don't really think that video shows you enough of the interface to know whether or not it has any logical structure, but it seems to me that most of the interaction will be done by voice unless you're looking through Google Now style information updates.  You have to at least admit that the interface looks good.  It has a clean and modern design that reminds me of an interface Apple would create. As for your complaint about the time being unreadable, I found only one...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xQ3y902DEQ   That is a much better video of the interface.  I think it's gorgeous.   Edit: And I found two gifs in this article http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/03/18/google-announces-android-wear-youll-want-to-forget-all-other-smart-watches-when-you-see-this/    I tried to post the gifs here, but it doesn't appear that the forum supports them.
Wow, this is amazing value.
 You didn't take the link, did you?  Samsung's two most recent flagships were on that list (S4 and Note 3).
I merely suggested that if you stay on topic and avoid the long list of unnecessary disparaging remarks, you can criticize Google and Android until your keyboard breaks and come out with a good article that emphasizes weak points while maintaining a degree objectivity. It will go a long way to getting your articles cited by other authors, which will help bring in more clicks and make you feel pretty good too.
 Yes I know, but she got there by wishing.
It's ironic that your iOS screenshot includes the live wallpaper that Apple copied from Google's “Phase Beam” live wallpaper.
Jokes aside, Google actually has 13 devices for sale on the Play Store. With the addition of Glass and a smartwatch I think they can easily fill out a retail store.
 That is the definition of an anecdote.
Yeah there are a lot of low end phones sold. Let's say half of all Android phones sold are low end. That still means that there are twice as many mid to high end Android phones sold as iPhones, and that would mean there would be twice as many large-screened Android phones as iPhones.I doubt anyone shopping for a low end phone is also in the market for a tablet, so let's assume the market of tablet buyers consists of iPhone users and mid to high end Android users. Based...
New Posts  All Forums: