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 1.  Sorry. 2.  We're not talking about how big the update is compared to Android updates.  Where did you pull that from?  The discussion was about the fact that the already small 4.9 GB is effectively reduced to 2.4 GB if a user wants to take a software update.  Seriously, you can't dodge any harder. 3.  Were my GBs correct in point 2?  I'm not sure which BASE I should be or am using.
 Because I'm not familiar with BASE-ANYTHING.  Is it so hard to understand that I may not have that knowledge?  Is it so hard to understand that this is irrelevant to the point of a temporary need for 2.5 GB still requiring 2.5 GB be free?
 3. My joking use of "magic" was because you implied here ^ that the temporary use of 2.5 GB of storage space had no impact on the usable space.
 Perhaps I'm misinterpreting this discussion.  As I understand it, the system software occupies about 3.4 GB out of the box, and 2 free GB are necessary to update software.  If you have used up most or all of your free storage space with apps and photos, which wouldn't be hard to do with so little available space, where does the phone get those 2 free GB?  You said it only needs the space temporarily, which makes sense, but there is a limit on how much storage space is...
 Who cares if it's only temporary?  What does the phone do when you need the extra space to update your software?  Does it magically create more storage space and then magically remove it after the update?  If not, then your options are to delete the pictures from your daughter's graduation or to ignore critical software updates.
 Yeah there is a disclaimer that screen images are simulated, but that's the case for pretty much any video of electronic devices.  It's hard to make the on-screen image suitable for a high quality demo or advertisement.
 The watch interface appears to be based around Google Now.  Google Now presents information with no set order, although it does seem to prioritize relevance based on the time of day or your location.  Whenever you see the man swiping up, he is moving from one information card to the next.  Whenever he swipes right to left, he gets more information about the subject of that card. And when the message comes in, it appears to override the previous screen.  Notice that he...
 I don't really think that video shows you enough of the interface to know whether or not it has any logical structure, but it seems to me that most of the interaction will be done by voice unless you're looking through Google Now style information updates.  You have to at least admit that the interface looks good.  It has a clean and modern design that reminds me of an interface Apple would create. As for your complaint about the time being unreadable, I found only one...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xQ3y902DEQ   That is a much better video of the interface.  I think it's gorgeous.   Edit: And I found two gifs in this article http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/03/18/google-announces-android-wear-youll-want-to-forget-all-other-smart-watches-when-you-see-this/    I tried to post the gifs here, but it doesn't appear that the forum supports them.
Wow, this is amazing value.
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