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 I thought that numerous AI articles in the past have heralded him as a legal genius for coming down on Apple's side of the patent trials.  Does my memory fail me?
 I don't think the screen becomes resistive.  The tip of the stylus is pressure-sensitive and transmits data of the intensity of the pressure to the digitizer.
 I can verify it on the Note 3.  As long as the stylus is close enough to be registered by the screen (hovering slightly more than a centimeter above the display) the screen won't respond to my finger.
This is going to be an exciting fall!
 No I didn't exclude those.  From the KitKat list I see 5 bullets that say API and 2 that say framework.  I'm not familiar with programming, so I'm not sure if any others fall into that category.  None of the remaining bullets on the iOS changelog use the terms API or framework.
It's not just Chrome. The full list of Google apps updated through the Play Store is Gmail, Google+, Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Google Text-to-Speech, Street View, Chrome, Hangouts, Play Books, Play Newsstand, Play Games, Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Voice Search, Google Drive, Google Earth, Quickoffice, Google Translate, Google Keep, SoundSearch, TalkBack Accessibility, Cloud Print, Google Wallet, Google Voice, Google Keyboard, Google Offers, and many other niche apps.
I'll refer you to my post above where I explain why they're equivalent. Care to provide evidence to refute it?
No, KitKat was a major release that had an extensive changelog https://developer.android.com/about/versions/kitkat.html .And yes, iOS 7 adoption was faster. Currently, though, it is not growing faster according to basic math.
 I don't know what to say.  It is equivalent.  Apple adds new features and updates some parts of the system on integer updates while Google does those things to Android on point updates.  On Android, integer updates seem to come only with major overhauls of the system and/or major UI overhauls; I've never seen it defined explicitly. Apple seems to use point updates for bug fixing or small tweaks while point-point updates are used for critical bugs that need to be patched...
New Posts  All Forums: