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The higher resolution would be required for a 4.8" display. The current Retina resolution would fall to 272 ppi if it were stretched over 4.8".But even the current Retina display is noticeably less sharp than the 1080p displays on the market. For example, the Moto X has a pixel density of about 316 ppi, which is almost identical to the 326 of the iPhone. It's perfectly satisfactory for most people, but when you hold it side by side with the HTC One, which has the same...
I looked through the patent and to me it seems overly broad. It covers every possible variation of user interaction with a keyboard and autocorrect as long as the keys are pressed and a word is suggested. It's not limited at all to the way Apple implements auto correct in iOS. It seems too broad to even allow predictive word suggestion, which isn't covered in the patent. The only method of autocorrect that seems to get around this is the swipe functionality built into...
Thank you for posting research-based evidence on infection rates.
 Your username made me laugh.  Your post not so much.
Microsoft is consistently terrible at naming their products/services.
Yeah it's kind of pointless. The data is “low resolution" and, as we've covered, there are lots of other factors that would be beneficial to observe.
I recognize that there are other factors that can influence data usage. I said so before and even suggested that other studies could observe those factors' effects. This study didn't look at those factors. There is nothing inherently flawed about this study.
I've had the problem of the screen going black two times but I chalked it up to a bug putting the computer back to sleep unexpectedly. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
Trust me, I'm not confused about that. But you're getting off track. You seemed to be trying to say that a study of short vs tall people, including children, buying houses was just as faulty as this study. The only way this study would be comparable is if they included flip phones or home phones. As it was performed it is valid. I'm very sorry that the iPhone got lumped in lesser phones.
It's not my problem if you can't understand the difference.
New Posts  All Forums: