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Instead of using sarcasm you could explain your unclear statement.
 I don't see where you're going with that.
 Now this complaint could be valid though I don't think your analogy is applicable because that study would be flawed for including a bad sample, not using a bad dividing line.  Ideally there would be a reason for choosing a separation point.  They could use the average size of a phone display as a good divider.  I don't know what that size is or whether the study considered that.
 Yes, I think it's entirely fair.  Just because a phone is running Gingerbread doesn't mean it can't connect to the internet.  A slow phone still has access to every service as a fast phone.  You're unhappy with the results because you don't think it gives favor to the iPhone in its presentation of data, not because there was a flaw in their methods.  I agree with you that they could have provided more detailed data, but I don't think that there is anything false or...
 Your complaint doesn't make any sense.  The study is simply about screen size and its relation to data consumption.  The iPhone has a small screen, so it gets lumped in with the rest of the small screens.  Although you're probably right that a small-screened Android device is likely low-end and likely gets less usage, that doesn't make the study faulty.  I think that all you should take away from this is that people are more likely to consume information on a larger...
 No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't become any more true or more logical.  You even contradict your own logic.  If Google is worth nothing without customer data, and if it sells away that valuable asset, what do they have to build value?  Nothing at all.  Therefore they don't sell data to advertisers.  What they actually do (and I know this because I had an internship with an on online advertising company) is sell advertising space.  The only data that...
It seems Google is going full speed into comprehensive home automation.  This is something that suits their strategy well.  They are completely content to support the services that make disparate hardware communicate seamlessly, even when they don't make the hardware.  This strategy is key for home automation since one company is unlikely to be the best at making every piece of hardware in the house.   I wonder if Nest has useful patents or if they were acquired simply...
Do I have to clear up the meaning of the word “response"? It means you react to something that is present before you. There is no way this was a response to Apple. That is wholly separate from competition. Obviously Samsung has designed this with Apple and other competitors in mind. If you're trying to avoid reading ignorant posts, I'd advise you don't reread your own. Mine, on the other hand, should be a nutritious supplement to your forum post consumption diet.
Just FYI those aren't services.
Should we shit on this analyst too?
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