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 Thanks, I was going to chime in about his miscategorization of the expenses.
  The thing that sets apart Google Now is that it is predictive.  It surfaces information before you search for it. From my personal experience, these are the things it has done for me: 1.  When I searched tonight for a club's webpage to see who was going to DJ, Google Now had a card ready that provided me with travel time and a single click to get navigation.  I didn't search for this club in Google Maps. 2.  Based on my search patterns, Google Now has brought up cards...
 You're right, you didn't make those claims, and I didn't claim you made those claims.  That's why I wrote questions, questions you could answer to clarify your position.  And then I answered a series of my own questions to lay out the conditions surrounding Samsung's placement of a fingerprint scanner in the S5.  And then I explained what I believe to be the limits of the copying argument. Samsung didn't become inspired to add a fingerprint sensor to the S5 after Apple...
 So was Apple copying the Atrix?  Is Samsung copying the Atrix?  Was the Atrix copying the laptops with fingerprint sensors?  Were laptops with fingerprint sensors copying institutional security systems? Did Samsung put the fingerprint sensor in a phone this year because Apple put on in the 5s?  Yes.  Did Samsung only realize they could put a fingerprint sensor in their phone because the iPhone has one?  No.  Did Samsung consider using a fingerprint sensor in their phone...
 Sorry, maybe you didn't see my second post.  I'm talking about software features. Also, we've been over the fingerprint sensor a hundred times since the rumor mill started about Samsung adding one.  Apple wasn't the first with a fingerprint sensor on a phone, so I don't consider fair to say Samsung copied Apple in this way.
 Yeah the fingerprint scanner doesn't sound very good.  When I made my comment I hadn't read the Verge's report yet because your comment didn't appear on the page before I posted mine. I was thinking more along the lines of the fast autofocus, real time HDR, download booster, and "ultra power saving mode."  Those all sound like features users can take advantage of relatively seamlessly.
It's very nice to see Samsung avoiding new software gimmicks.  Everything they added this year appears to be useful.
 Sorry, you didn't use any logic.  All you did was spew some opinionated nonsense about Samsung copying Apple's products' weight and then about how you think the tablet sucks.  What a solid argument.  At least you recognize that you are a troll; you said so yourself! You did have one valid point.  The attachment of the name "Pro" may have an attempt to steal Apple's thunder with regards to the rumored iPad Pro. And just as a disclaimer, I wouldn't buy a Samsung tablet over...
 No that's not true.  Google doesn't provide any personally identifiable information to advertisers, not even anonymous personally identifying information.  Advertisers provide keywords and other criteria to Google, and Google makes sure that users who make the right searches see the right ads.  Google then provides the results of the advertising (clicks, views, sales, etc.) to the advertisers without ever revealing who those people were.
After all the conspiracy theories about the investors and media manipulating the market, I'm surprised the conspiracies haven't turned towards the biggest beneficiary of the drop in price - Apple.  Apple was the manipulator!!  They were driving down the price so they could buy at the low point and ride the tide back up!!  Down with Apple!!
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