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 Sorry, you didn't use any logic.  All you did was spew some opinionated nonsense about Samsung copying Apple's products' weight and then about how you think the tablet sucks.  What a solid argument.  At least you recognize that you are a troll; you said so yourself! You did have one valid point.  The attachment of the name "Pro" may have an attempt to steal Apple's thunder with regards to the rumored iPad Pro. And just as a disclaimer, I wouldn't buy a Samsung tablet over...
 No that's not true.  Google doesn't provide any personally identifiable information to advertisers, not even anonymous personally identifying information.  Advertisers provide keywords and other criteria to Google, and Google makes sure that users who make the right searches see the right ads.  Google then provides the results of the advertising (clicks, views, sales, etc.) to the advertisers without ever revealing who those people were.
After all the conspiracy theories about the investors and media manipulating the market, I'm surprised the conspiracies haven't turned towards the biggest beneficiary of the drop in price - Apple.  Apple was the manipulator!!  They were driving down the price so they could buy at the low point and ride the tide back up!!  Down with Apple!!
 Yes, Google does have that information.  No, Google does not share that information.
 She doesn't have a Galaxy phone if she doesn't have the Google Play Store on board.  Samsung makes a lot of junk, especially outside its key Galaxy brand, so I'm not surprised by the experience.
 I don't see any doom and gloom in this article, but feel free to inject so you can write another scandalous piece on Apple's latest "enemy."
 The overall appearance of this render is very Galaxy-esque because of the curvature of the corners (it's a more broad curve like on Samsungs) and the roundness of the back cover at the edges, which is strongly reminiscent of the S3 and S4.  I don't think it'll turn out looking like these.  The day Apple uses a clearly asymmetric design on the front is the day it snows in Hell.
 No you're flat out wrong.  Android can be used however by whomever.  Android with Google Play Services (what is sold as Android on most handsets) has certain requirements as you can see from the article.
Your use case is not typical for most smartphone users. People generally spend a lot more time looking at the screen than making phone calls. For me personally I spend about an hour on the phone each week, but I spend about 3 hours a day looking at the screen whether I'm on the internet or using an app. I expect I'm atypical as for how little I make phone calls, but the bias is in that direction.
DED your chart doesn't show the information you wrote in the article. Just FYI.
New Posts  All Forums: