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Yeah it's kind of pointless. The data is “low resolution" and, as we've covered, there are lots of other factors that would be beneficial to observe.
I recognize that there are other factors that can influence data usage. I said so before and even suggested that other studies could observe those factors' effects. This study didn't look at those factors. There is nothing inherently flawed about this study.
I've had the problem of the screen going black two times but I chalked it up to a bug putting the computer back to sleep unexpectedly. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
Trust me, I'm not confused about that. But you're getting off track. You seemed to be trying to say that a study of short vs tall people, including children, buying houses was just as faulty as this study. The only way this study would be comparable is if they included flip phones or home phones. As it was performed it is valid. I'm very sorry that the iPhone got lumped in lesser phones.
It's not my problem if you can't understand the difference.
Instead of using sarcasm you could explain your unclear statement.
 I don't see where you're going with that.
 Now this complaint could be valid though I don't think your analogy is applicable because that study would be flawed for including a bad sample, not using a bad dividing line.  Ideally there would be a reason for choosing a separation point.  They could use the average size of a phone display as a good divider.  I don't know what that size is or whether the study considered that.
 Yes, I think it's entirely fair.  Just because a phone is running Gingerbread doesn't mean it can't connect to the internet.  A slow phone still has access to every service as a fast phone.  You're unhappy with the results because you don't think it gives favor to the iPhone in its presentation of data, not because there was a flaw in their methods.  I agree with you that they could have provided more detailed data, but I don't think that there is anything false or...
 Your complaint doesn't make any sense.  The study is simply about screen size and its relation to data consumption.  The iPhone has a small screen, so it gets lumped in with the rest of the small screens.  Although you're probably right that a small-screened Android device is likely low-end and likely gets less usage, that doesn't make the study faulty.  I think that all you should take away from this is that people are more likely to consume information on a larger...
New Posts  All Forums: