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Do I have to clear up the meaning of the word “response"? It means you react to something that is present before you. There is no way this was a response to Apple. That is wholly separate from competition. Obviously Samsung has designed this with Apple and other competitors in mind. If you're trying to avoid reading ignorant posts, I'd advise you don't reread your own. Mine, on the other hand, should be a nutritious supplement to your forum post consumption diet.
Just FYI those aren't services.
Should we shit on this analyst too?
It's absurd to think that this was developed in response to the recent rumors of an iPad Pro. You don't design a product like this in a month. You don't design a new UI to go along with it in a month. The only thing that might have happened in response to the iPad Pro rumors is the name Galaxy Tab/Note Pro. I'm almost surprised that, knowing how Samsung releases products in every possible size category, any of you think this is in response to Apple. And then I remember...
       I'm curious what cars you'll all be buying when every car has Android integration, which seems like a pretty likely future at this point.
 If iOS truly was OSX optimized for touch I'd be using an iPhone right now.  Unfortunately it's not, even though they share some low-level aspects.
 I guess I have more faith in Apple than you do.  Apple tends to make complex things become intuitive and obvious. Beyond that there's a huge difference between what I'm telling you is happening and what Windows did.  Windows put the same operating system on all devices.  It's a mess.  I can't say for sure that Apple will never do that, but that's not what they are doing right now as they optimize OSX for touch input.  They aren't merging iOS and OSX, at least not that I...
 See my post above.  It explains the transition in terms even you might understand.
 OSX isn't ready for touch input yet, but it's evident to me that it's heading that way.  The Launchpad is definitely not designed with a mouse in mind.  The icons are sized and spaced for finger input.  Some trackpad gestures have been implemented on the iPad (or were iPad gestures implemented on the trackpad... can't remember which came first), which implies easy conversion to using those gestures on a touchscreen in OSX.  Mavericks made some trackpad gestures follow...
 I understand your confusion with the Moto X in mind.  In fact I was making reference to the countless threads about discounts on other manufacturers' handsets, but those threads are usually about carrier discounts (i.e. Galaxy S4 dropping to $99 on contract or, God forbid, free).
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