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 It'll make sense to you when the internals and screen are higher specced than what's in the iPad Air.  Along with the smaller size allowed for by the smaller battery which is itself allowed for by the less power-hungry internals, specs are what differentiate the Macbook Air and Pro lines.  I foresee a larger, widescreen 4K display powered by the A7X (or maybe the A8 though they tend to release A[n+1] with new iPhones) and a much larger battery to support the chip and...
That's true but but they're clearly making room for a Pro model. Apple is brilliant at marketing. They didn't throw on an established brand name modifier only to leave out the complement to that modifier.
Because I like touch screens and I like OSX.
I hope this comes out with a touch optimized version of OSX but that's a long shot. I'd buy it on day one if that happened!
This article is all about 4K encoding and none of the videos tested in that experiment were at 4K resolution. I have no idea whether these encoding codecs can be optimized for certain resolutions, but it's worth mentioning that discrepancy.
 Actually that was eseexp's theory: Which you countered with a well reasoned:  Which is why I asked in an attempt to gain some clarity:  Which you still haven't answered.
 I like that you give me an answer, even if I don't like the answer.  [pats jungmark on the back]
 Still avoiding my question, huh?  I laid out the facts as they are now, explicitly acknowledging the fact that Mac users not currently purchasing new Macs don't get free iWork.  You can ignore the part about forever if you would prefer to; I put forever because Apple lists no expiration on the offer. So, why is iWork currently and indefinitely (rather than eternally) being given away for free to Mac and iDevice buyers?  What caused that change?
 Read my edited post.  Then reconsider.
 I am completely and totally negative when it comes to using iOS on my personal device, but I strongly recommend iPhones and iPads to all of my older relatives.  That's about it as far as negativity towards Apple.  I only recommend Macbooks and I will only buy Macbooks.  I would never buy a Chromebook as they are now.  I would never buy a Windows PC or tablet or phone. You may be confusing my rationality for negativity.  Rationality looks a lot like negativity relative to...
New Posts  All Forums: