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That can't be right. So many people here have spoken the truth that nothing of that size can sell. It can't sell because Apple isn't in that market and Apple is only in markets that sell. How could I have been misguided for so long?!
And yet you do. Constantly.
 You must have missed the use of the word nearly.  I said camera placement was different.  The only other difference is the outward curvature of the back of the HTC.  The rest is extremely similar.  In fact it's more similar to the HTC than any of Samsung's designs were to Apple's products.  You know... the lawsuits that Apple won?
 These look nothing like the HTC One or the iPhone 6 mockup... 
I like the design, but I think Apple is treading awfully close to HTC design territory on the back of the phone.  With the exception of camera placement, the designs are nearly identical.  
 I agree with you for the most part.  It's obvious that tablets are a form of computer, but they're a different product segment and cause distortion of the numbers.  Not to mention, why are we stopping with tablets when there are phones that bridge the gap?  Is the Galaxy Mega a tablet?  What about the Xperia Z Ultra?  Both of those have screens larger than 6 inches and are basically only "phones" because they have a dialer.  And if we include those, then why not the...
 That's because DED cherry-picked the wrong line from the review.  This was the part that had to do with the photo DED used in the article - "The S5 fell flat when we shot some co-workers in a very dim room. Samsung's image came out unnaturally bright but quite fuzzy, especially when zoomed in. The iPhone 5s and One M8 produced more detailed photos. Turning on image stabilization in the S5's busy settings menu should help." This is the picture that was described as DED...
 Yes, I wrote that because it was written by the man who tests a lot of displays but who has apparently neglected to test the iPhone 5S.  Perhaps he assumed that the same display was used in both the 5 and the 5S.
 What didn't I clarify?  The post I replied to was about the iPhone 5.  Maybe he meant to say 5S.  I don't know what was in his head at the time he wrote the message.
 That's what the article was about, but I replied to a post that brought up the S5.
New Posts  All Forums: