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 Please enlighten me as to how you can take advantage of a display in any way except to display things on it.
 What?  Other mobile operating systems are running regularly at pixel densities and absolute resolutions that far exceed the Retina displays in the iPhone and iPad. Unless you mean the first and only mobile OS to be designed for a 640x960 display, then I have no qualms.
I cannot wait for the new MBP!!  I will buy one in the next 6 months regardless of whether the upgrade is significant or simply incremental.
 http://www.pcworld.com/article/2013751/why-cant-32-bit-windows-access-4gb-of-ram.html A 32-bit system can't "talk to" more than 4GB of RAM.  32 bits can only make a little more than 4,000,000,000 different combinations of  numbers.  Locations in RAM have addresses, so 32-bit systems can access a little more than 4,000,000,000 addresses.  In order to address more than 4GB of RAM, you have to move to 64-bit processors.
You never stated that Apple was 100% secure, but neither did derekmorr state that any virus scanner was 100% reliable. Your straw man begot the second straw man.That aside, the 0.001% success rate of malware installation on Android is only one part of the security landscape. This tells you that Google's Play Services scanner is doing a decent job blocking malicious apps. And Play Services are independent of Android version, so it protects even the sad folks stuck on...
 This is exactly what I'm saying.  And yes, that happens for Apple products too.  It's a stupid problem to have.
This article gives numbers and analysis about the Android malware problem.  The data comes from devices with Google Services, which has an app verification service for anything installed from outside Google Play.  This means that something like a Kindle doesn't contribute to this data.   http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/10/03/google-talks-android-malware-estimates-that-001-of-apps-evade-defenses-and-harm-users/   Note: I'm not suggesting that this proves Android to be...
 Um, yes. That link has nothing to do with Glass or anything like it.  A visor that makes users feel like they are in a movie theater sounds bulky and appears to serve a different purpose (though Glass will likely offer some sort of augmented reality application at some time). I don't know why they're afraid.  I just know that all the fanboys here are shooting down Glass with all the force they can muster.  Almost nobody has used it, but people here are pronouncing it...
I can practically smell the fear on these forums.  A company has made a unique and innovative product, albeit a first generation model with kinks to be smoothed out over time, and Apple has no competing product on the radar that we are aware of.  Glass is definitely opening the door to a new category of computers that will be commonplace in the next 10 years as the technology evolves and becomes more consumer-friendly.   Let your fear melt away!  Apple will have their...
 You don't have to know how to do it.  The operating system does all the work for you.  If you install another maps app, the next time you launch a link to a map it brings up a box asking you which app you want to use and whether you want to always use that app or just use it one time. EDIT: I see someone else already posted a screenshot of the default apps selection window.
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