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I think a lot of you are missing the bigger picture.  There is no way to put an Apple OS, be it OS X or iOS, in a car without Apple building the hardware.  Can any of you name a single instance of any Apple OS appearing on non-Apple hardware?   Beyond that, I don't think you'll see much of Android in the cars' UI.  With cars as they are now (actively driven by humans), there is no need for an app store or any of the typical Android user layer.  Whatever OS is in a car...
 Just wondering if you're concerned that someone will use this to spy on you while you use the bathroom since that fear seems to preoccupy you.  Don't lie... everyone takes their laptop on the toilet.
Patent attorneys don't lead acquisitions.  Merger and acquisition teams do, along with help from investment banks and restructuring lawyers.   Also  
 You're pretty far off. 
That's what I was going to post. Google Now is the preemptive data service.
 I don't understand why giving instructions to your phone is any different than having a phone call.  You're talking into the mic in both use cases.  Speakerphone conversations are especially analogous (but I think speakerphone calls in public are obnoxious).  You'll warm up to it eventually. As far as anyone being able to command your system, I don't think that would be allowed.  The Moto X "takes a fingerprint" of your voice so that only you can give it commands.  The...
 I think he's talking about Google gaining pull with Verizon mostly (correct me if I'm wrong Gatorguy).  Verizon and Sprint have held back updates even for Nexus devices, yet here Motorola got the update out to the Moto X on most carriers before even the Nexus 4 was upgraded.  My suspicion is that Verizon fast-tracked the update since their Droid line runs the exact same software as the Moto X.  By using the same software on its flagship as it gives to Verizon's...
Now this is a patent worthy of granting.  This is a brilliant way to use facial recognition, and nothing like it has been done before.
I would buy one immediately.
 I can't find a camera that switches out lenses like this so it might be more "novel" than I thought.
New Posts  All Forums: