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 OSX isn't ready for touch input yet, but it's evident to me that it's heading that way.  The Launchpad is definitely not designed with a mouse in mind.  The icons are sized and spaced for finger input.  Some trackpad gestures have been implemented on the iPad (or were iPad gestures implemented on the trackpad... can't remember which came first), which implies easy conversion to using those gestures on a touchscreen in OSX.  Mavericks made some trackpad gestures follow...
 I understand your confusion with the Moto X in mind.  In fact I was making reference to the countless threads about discounts on other manufacturers' handsets, but those threads are usually about carrier discounts (i.e. Galaxy S4 dropping to $99 on contract or, God forbid, free).
 Best Buy is discounting the phone for consumers.  I think that was fairly clear in the article.  That has nothing to do with Apple's revenue stream in any way at all, and I never implied such.
 That you operate under the assumption that a tablet can be priced to exclude all but a few customers gives the impression that you yourself see tablets as something to aspire to own, which implies that such pricing would probably exclude you.
 I don't see where you're going.  An iPad isn't a netbook either, and there is huge software differentiation between the iPad and the Macbook.
 Carrier subsidy has made sense because until recently you paid the same monthly rate for service whether or not you purchased your phone at the subsidized price.  Now with the option of cheaper monthly rates for those who don't take the "upgrade price", a loan is a more accurate name for the structure.
 No, but that's not what I said.
 How do you think it'll work?  That's how it works for the Macbook Air and Pro so I'm merely extrapolating.
Are iPhones allowed to be discounted after less than 4 months on the market? /s
 It'll make sense to you when the internals and screen are higher specced than what's in the iPad Air.  Along with the smaller size allowed for by the smaller battery which is itself allowed for by the less power-hungry internals, specs are what differentiate the Macbook Air and Pro lines.  I foresee a larger, widescreen 4K display powered by the A7X (or maybe the A8 though they tend to release A[n+1] with new iPhones) and a much larger battery to support the chip and...
New Posts  All Forums: