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Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink.
 If I had an original mini and Apple said that for $70 they could wave a wand and bump my A5 to an A7 and the screen to a Retina screen, I would say yes.  That is a good deal in isolation.  The problem is that I wouldn't have bought the original mini anyway.  It was already overpriced.  Now the mini has the right features to justify the original price, but Apple decided to bump up the price.
 Because I own Apple stock.
 324 ppi
 If I were in the market for a small tablet today, I would!  And it worries me that too many other people will make the same decision.
 The A7 doesn't cost that much more to produce than the A6X.  64 bit is wonderful, but is irrelevant with regards to pricing.
 Your post is barely coherent, but let me try to respond.  Apple's ecosystem is valuable.  It allows Apple to charge a premium for its devices.  My point is that the premium they are charging relative to the competition is too much.  I think the original price of the mini was a sufficient premium for the Retina mini.  That price is a 44% premium over the Nexus 7.  That sounds like a much more "reasonable" premium for Apple to charge.
$399 for the Retina mini is way too high.  This model should have started at the price of the old mini while the old mini dropped further.  It's nice that they included the A7, but I really think this model is priced too far above its competition.  The Retina mini costs 74% more than a Nexus 7.  How is that a compelling price?
I love you Apple! I can't wait to get home to upgrade.
No I'm just as enlightened as before. The assets in other operating systems are designed for ultra high resolution displays.
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