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 I'm confused why you think anyone is so personally invested in the android tablet activation numbers that he would repeatedly activate a mini PC dongle to boost the count.  That kind of behavior sounds like insanity.  I'm rational though, so I do have to be open to the possibility that there is an insane man somewhere on earth who bought one of these and occupies himself with it day in and day out.
Even though the idea of TV dongles being popular in Asia and registering as tablets doesn't sound far-fetched, I think it's absurd that a news article was written based on the claims of an anonymous forum poster in Singapore. What's even more absurd, though not as surprising to me is the selective filter so many here use when they read new information. When an analyst or research firm puts out numbers that portray Apple even slightly unfavorably, zealots come out in...
 I would love to know how you came to that conclusion. There is nothing fishy about the way the S&P 500 index weights are calculated: it's a weighted average of market capitalization.  They add up the market cap of the 500 companies included and then divide each company's market cap by the total.  That percentage is the weight that company has in the index.  The weights for all the companies are multiplied by the change in stock value each day, and then all 500 are added...
 Hi, it's nice to meet you bobby!  No, I'm not a troll.  I'm an anti-troll.
 I don't know why Bloomberg or NYT would troll Apple, and I haven't seen it (nor looked for it).  But even if they have written unjustifiably negative articles in the past, which seems counterproductive for a major financial news organization like Bloomberg, this article has absolutely nothing to do with Apple as a company.  You understand that right?
 Bloomberg didn't give any information about Apple.  They used publicly available information about stock performance and known index weightings to make a projection.  Do you attack any source that says something you don't like?  Grow up. That aside, this is an enormously unimportant story.  It doesn't matter to Apple or to its investors if AAPL has less or more influence in the S&P 500 index value.  Indices like the S&P take value from their component stocks, not the...
 That really goes both ways.  If you want a flagship iOS phone (not that there's any other type...) you have to get a 4" screen.  I fully expect the larger iPhone models to outsell the 4" models when they go on sale.
 Where did I say that those phones made up the 81%?  What I said was that those phones are being sold in addition to the phablets, which alone are outselling the iPhone.
Well this settles two things: 1. The high end android phones are outselling the iPhone. 2. Phablets are a large part of the smartphone landscape. Phablets alone are selling 1.6x as many units as the iPhone sells, and there are only two phablets that fall into something other than the high end category that I'm aware of - the two Galaxy Mega models, which are mid-tier phones. Outside of the phablet category are most of the flagship models of the last year (assuming the...
 I would pick the same two you chose.  Motorola isn't going anywhere post-acquisition, and LG is just enormous.  I'm not sure how much of a barrier there is between LG's divisions, but it's entirely possible for them to sustain losses in their phone division until eternity as long as they continue being profitable in other divisions.
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