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I think you'd be surprised. I'm 6' and 220 and it fits easily. I wouldn't want to walk around in public with a tablet in my pocket, but the point is that a 5" iPhone will have no trouble fitting in anyone's pockets.
Just FYI, my Nexus 7 fits in the pockets of every pair of pants I own (jeans, shorts, slacks, pajamas, and gym shorts).
I did read the article, but sog35 was getting at people installing Android on USB dongles and activating it multiple times.If these market research companies are getting activation data from Google, then you should know right away that those activations don't come from a USB stick with pirated movies. Google counts only devices that have Play Services on board, which only comes on the officially licensed Android devices. If there are boatloads of full-fledged smartphones...
What I find funny is that you think I can't support both. I was reading this website when the original iMac came out. I love Apple products. And I love Google products. And > or.
My guess is that people bought tablets and activated them but I don't have the means to find out for sure.
I would never buy one of these. When I got a cellphone it freed me from having to wear a watch. For a company to convince me to put something back on my wrist, the product has to be spectacular. I'm looking forward to what Apple and Google have coming.
That was genuinely hilarious.
 I'm confused why you think anyone is so personally invested in the android tablet activation numbers that he would repeatedly activate a mini PC dongle to boost the count.  That kind of behavior sounds like insanity.  I'm rational though, so I do have to be open to the possibility that there is an insane man somewhere on earth who bought one of these and occupies himself with it day in and day out.
Even though the idea of TV dongles being popular in Asia and registering as tablets doesn't sound far-fetched, I think it's absurd that a news article was written based on the claims of an anonymous forum poster in Singapore. What's even more absurd, though not as surprising to me is the selective filter so many here use when they read new information. When an analyst or research firm puts out numbers that portray Apple even slightly unfavorably, zealots come out in...
 I would love to know how you came to that conclusion. There is nothing fishy about the way the S&P 500 index weights are calculated: it's a weighted average of market capitalization.  They add up the market cap of the 500 companies included and then divide each company's market cap by the total.  That percentage is the weight that company has in the index.  The weights for all the companies are multiplied by the change in stock value each day, and then all 500 are added...
New Posts  All Forums: