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 First off, you're confusing profits with revenues.  If I knew the revenues brought in by sales, then I could estimate the sales numbers.  Profitability takes into account expenses.  These companies could be making revenues hand over fist but report losses if their expenses are greater than sales.  When accounting rules come into play, profitability becomes less and less meaningful because companies are required to subtract phantom expenses like depreciation and capital...
 No, my expectation of the combined sales of 4 companies doesn't speak at all to profitability.
He is Dilger!
I agree Samsung is dominating the other OEMs but I'm pretty sure that they (HTC, Motorola, LG, and Sony) together sell more than 50% of Samsung's volume of high-end phones, which is how much they would need to sell to outsell the iPhone.
So if Samsung alone is selling 2/3 of Apple's volume in high-end phones, can we all finally agree that high-end Android phones combined outsell the iPhone?
Weird. I tried the same questions and got answers for all but the algebra using Google Now.
 Can't disagree with you.  I haven't gotten to use Kit Kat yet, so I can't say whether these features will turn out to create a significantly more useful operating system.  Regardless, neither feature would detract from your experience.  They provide benefits and options at no cost.
The article didn't even mention the two coolest features!  The dialer will now search the entire Google directory (probably via Maps) to let you call any listed business.  It also does the reverse for incoming calls to provide caller ID for businesses you don't have saved in your contacts.   The second one is that Google search can now provide links to specific pages within apps instead of directing users to a website.  For example a search for a restaurant or a movie...
Careful! You're sounding reasonable.
 Market share matters to developers, but mostly in the extremes.  A platform needs a critical mass of market share to generate the revenues required to make it worthwhile for a developer to build an app for that platform.  The critical mass is different for each platform and depends on the average revenue generated per user.  Since people seem to spend more on average in the Appstore/iTunes than they do in Google Play, Apple's critical mass market share is lower than it...
New Posts  All Forums: