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No but I've spent time dispelling the sour-grapes-based misconceptions here about NFC. I believe I've also said that Apple would use NFC eventually. Now I'm predicting that the next iPhone will have NFC. Between the uselessness of Passbook, which is begging for NFC payment capability, and the integration of a fingerprint scanner for security in the 5S, Apple has laid the foundation for implementing NFC in the next full redesign.
 The next iPhone will have NFC.
 You'll have all of those things in the next few years, except the netbook.  That one is already here as the iPad.
 You mean the analysts who have all the inside information?  The analysts whose job security depends on being more right than wrong in their expectations in spite of having no control over the price of stocks?  They're definitely just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.
 Can you please direct me to this chatroom?  I would love to get in on the action.
 That would have to be a hell of a lot of FUD.  Pension fund managers don't make flighty decisions.  But I do concede that it's entirely possible for enough misinformation to be spread that over time institutional investors sell large positions.
 You have cause and effect reversed.  People sell a stock short when the general sentiment is that the stock's price will drop.  There's no secret chatroom where the short sellers can flood the message board to spook other investors.  There's also no way that enough people are shorting Apple's stock to drive down the price.  The vast majority of shares are held by institutional investors like pension funds or life insurance companies.  They are the only single entities...
 I was being 100% sarcastic.  The transition from 32-bit to 64-bit is coming to all phones eventually because it's the natural progression of technology.  Mobile chips are a few years behind desktop chips but following basically the same pattern.
 Don't forget the stylus!  That makes the Note a unique product.
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