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No I don't think it's the most accurate display ever made, just the most accurate put into a mobile device. Forgive my omission of that distinction. I didn't realize there would be confusion that the scope of my comment was limited to mobile devices.
Actually it's the most accurate display ever made. See the link below. I've included quotes in case you don't care to take the link.http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note5_ShootOut_1.htm"Even better, the measured Absolute Color Accuracy for the Note 5 Basic screen mode is an impressive 1.4 JNCD, the most color accurate display that we have ever measured for a Smartphone or Tablet, which is visually indistinguishable from perfect...""When Automatic Brightness is turned On,...
You're joking, right? Samsung makes all the tiny internal components that other manufacturers use to make small devices.
I hope to god Apple executives didn't sit down at the table and say, "We're going into this with low expectations and don't plan to compete with the existing services. Let's just aim for the people who don't care enough about music to already have an account with another service." Smh...
I interpreted what he said to mean that if sales were stellar, releasing numbers would be a good way to boost the stock a bit, not to mean that the price was down because numbers weren't released.
I was really hoping for an answer from someone who knows, not from you. I can't find a link to Tim's quote.
The article title says shipments, but the body says sales. Which is it?
I absolutely did not.I appreciate your attempt at context, and I appreciate your admission of bias. I don't appreciate your continued veiled insults.
Why bother with the long-winded response if you're just going to agree with me in the end? I called your bias. You admitted your bias. Discussion over.
It's hilarious that you posted several times after the article on this site where the same research firm was quoted estimating the preorders to be 1M and not once did you claim that their data was moronic clickbait. The closest you came to questioning them in any way was to say that you couldn't care less about who they are. You then went on to say that you believed that their 1M estimate was a likely number.Damn are you biased!Here's the link to your less disgusted...
New Posts  All Forums: