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 That has regularly been said about the Android distribution data, so I imagine he's simply applying the argument to Apple.
Whether you define it simply by a number or you regurgitate the marketing line, a spec is a spec, and it is important in selling a phone. Apple bumps the specs of the iPhone annually because the competition does the same. Apple can't be left behind in that regard. This fall when Apple releases the A8 in a new phone it won't be because the A7 is insufficient in its own right; the A7 is an incredibly capable chip. Rather the A8 will be used because Apple's competitors will...
The most amazing thing that this chart shows is that in less than a week, the new HTC One captured second place in Verizon sales.  I really hope that means HTC won't be on its way out anytime soon.  Samsung needs some strong competition in the Android space.
Wow the A7 is even better than I thought! Apple definitely makes all the right choices when it comes to chip design.
That's not evidence supporting your claim that Google tried to skirt environmental review.Apple didn't fail with the 5c and Tim Cook isn't just any person. If it was CNET saying Apple missed the mark, then I would take it with a grain of salt.I'll do the research anyway when I've got some time, and I'm going to start with finding out who this Thom Holwerda person is.
 From http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/03/03/googles-mystery-barge-ordered-to-stop-construction-work-leave-san-francisco-bay "Google's plans to bypass environmental review backfiresThe floating project appeared aimed to skirting environmental review and public planning procedures, regulations that can add significant cost or delay." There is no evidence to back up your claim that Google aimed to skirt environmental review.  It is pure...
My ultimate dream is for DED to write an exposé on his own articles and how they obscure reality.  I am concerned, though, that such an article may cause a feedback loop that brings down the internet...
 1.  Sorry. 2.  We're not talking about how big the update is compared to Android updates.  Where did you pull that from?  The discussion was about the fact that the already small 4.9 GB is effectively reduced to 2.4 GB if a user wants to take a software update.  Seriously, you can't dodge any harder. 3.  Were my GBs correct in point 2?  I'm not sure which BASE I should be or am using.
 Because I'm not familiar with BASE-ANYTHING.  Is it so hard to understand that I may not have that knowledge?  Is it so hard to understand that this is irrelevant to the point of a temporary need for 2.5 GB still requiring 2.5 GB be free?
 3. My joking use of "magic" was because you implied here ^ that the temporary use of 2.5 GB of storage space had no impact on the usable space.
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