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The antenna was redesigned for the 4S, the 5C did not meet expectations according to Tim Cook himself, and I don't recall an analyst saying that either iPad had failed after release. In fact I don't recall any analysts saying the iPad mini would fail before it was released although I do recall that for the original iPad.
 That makes no sense.  He didn't say anything about the accuracy of the analysts' conclusions themselves.  He pointed out the behavior of the members of this forum.
 Analysts get the same response even when they criticize Apple's decisions after the fact.
I want this too debut with advanced health monitoring capabilities, something beyond a pedometer and heart rate monitor. That would get me to wear a watch again. The Android Wear devices coming this year are stylish products (the round ones that haven't debuted yet anyway) but they don't make me want to bear the admittedly small burden of wearing a watch. The watch would also have to be Android-compatible, but I know that's a long shot.
Not if I get there first! :P
As someone who uses a Note 3, I can tell you it's not the thickness of the phone that impacts one-handed usability. Its the width. If this phone had no bezels around the screen it would become much more usable. If it was half as thick, it would still be just as difficult to use with one hand. That's not to say it's impossible to use with one hand. I do it all the time. Two hands is definitely easier though.
The pixel density required to eliminate most people's ability to distinguish pixelation in any way whatsoever is about 600 PPI. Being able to distinguish a pixel from other pixels is not the limit of human visual acuity thanks to the fact that a brain sits behind our eyes. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7743/the-pixel-density-race-and-its-technical-merits
This is flat out wrong based on the numbers from this article itself. Even though only 20% of Android devices were high-end, that still is more than the entire number of iPhones Apple sold. Thus Android dominates the high-end market worldwide.
 I'm not aware of any cellular service provider that sends the name of callers not in your address book.  Caller ID on cell phones is limited to displaying the phone number.
 The problem is that most of these small companies who gain just enough success to be on the radar of large companies aren't owned by the founder.  They're usually owned by the investors who gave the founder money to get his dreams off the ground.  Investors only want to see a return on their investment, so they sell when the offer is good enough.
New Posts  All Forums: