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That was the subject of the entire article...
DED for once I commend you. Not only did you not insinuate that the performance of the Shield was equivalent to that of the Nexus 9 but you even threw in some early benchmarks from it.
 I'd take that bet.  Lollipop will be much better optimized than Kit Kat, so the Nexus 6 will perform better than any other equivalently specced device.  Will it be able to compensate entirely for the 2K screen?  Probably not.  But you're lying by acting like it won't make a difference.  Your journalism reeks of desperation.
Ad hominems are things like calling people trolls, which you've done twice. What I did was insinuate immaturity, and you've now borne that out twice.I did discuss my error in my reply to you. It's the part you edited out of your quote.Get some rest. Tomorrow will be a big day at school. Hopefully your teacher will cover irony.
From the official changelog:Support for 64-bit SoCs using ARM, x86, and MIPS-based coresShipping 64-bit native apps like Chrome, Gmail, Calendar, Google Play Music, and morePure Java language apps run as 64-bit apps automatically
I don't have a list other than America gets the Snapdragon and Korea gets the Exynos. I simply parroted the words I've seen written by tech bloggers who i assume are more knowledgeable.
Let me apologize profusely for not reading Anandtech's lengthy review on the day it was published.The Note 4 is bettered by the iPhone in most of the CPU tests, but the drastic margin you see is due to the optimization of Chrome vs Safari. The tests that weren't browser based showed a much smaller performance gap, although the iPhone still leads it.
The Note 4 has the same processor in most of the world, including the US. You might be confused since DED wrote his hit piece based on the Exynos version knowing that it always underperforms the Snapdragon.
 Please explain how he's trolling Apple when he tested 6 other devices, including another model of iPhone, and found that none of them were permanently bent during the test. And yes, I realize that this test is unscientific, because the variables aren't perfectly controlled.  That becomes irrelevant due to the magnitude of the difference in the results.  The error in the variables (force applied, position of force, position of support, etc.) is not large enough from one...
Considering Android Wear already supports haptic feedback and messaging, I'd say Samsung ripped off Apple months before the watch even debuted. It might be a record.
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