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The saltiness of your tears will be delicious when Apple releases a phone with NFC.
 They release the financial statements for the current quarter on July 31.  Last quarter they squeaked by with a slightly higher profit than the same quarter last year. http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/investor_relations/financial_information/downloads/2014/2014_con_quarter01_soi.pdf I would expect their profits to decline overall according to the guidance in the article you cited, but as I suggested, it's due largely to an increase in expenses.  Their operating...
I haven't looked at their income statement, but a really simple explanation is that their expenses increased more than their revenues did. Samsung may have brought in more revenues than ever, but if they spent even more on R&D or marketing, then their profits would still decline.
   It can use contextual reference points as DroidFTW stated.  Here are two quick examples. Q - "How tall is Barack Obama?"  A - "Barack Obama is 6'1" tall."Q - "What about Michelle?"  A - "Michelle Obama is 5'11" tall."Q - "And how old is she?"  A - "Michelle Obama is 50 years old." Q - "How far away is Jupiter?"  A - "...365 million miles..."Q - "No, Jupiter FL!"  A - "The drive from your location is 163.2 miles."Q - "And Tampa?"  A - "The drive from your location is...
 Don't you think the reason for that has less to do with the S5 lacking in popularity and more to do with there being so many choices the S5 has to compete against in the Android sphere?  If I want the latest and greatest iOS phone, I have one choice - the iPhone.  If I want the latest and greatest Android phone, I have numerous choices - the S5, the Note 3, the M8, the Nexus 5, the G3, the Moto X, the Xperia Z2, and then some niche products like the OnePlus One or the...
I don't disagree, but that doesn't change the fact that that freedom is the source of value for developers and custom ROM enthusiasts. Not to mention it's apparently quite easy to make the operating system function normally since every custom build I've ever seen supports the Play Store and Play Services.
You're not doing a very good job arguing against the “sycophants”. Not even the most sweaty neckbeard of an Android fanboy would dispute that Apple's operating system is based on open source software at some level. What they find value in is the ability to build their own operating system from the Android source code, something that isn't even remotely possible for iOS or OS X.
You're still missing the point. The point is that they could have been EVEN LARGER were it not for the quest for thin.
You're missing the point. All of those models could have had larger batteries if they had been made thicker.In spite of the additional height of the iPhone 5 over the 4, the volume of the 5 is 12% smaller than the 4 thanks to its thinness. If Apple had kept the 5 the same thickness as the 4, it would have increased the volume by 22% compared to the model as it was released. The battery appears to occupy about 40% of the space inside the iPhone 5/5S, so in theory Apple...
Don't you think there should be a little give and take? I mean in the last 3 years alone Apple has borrowed liberally from Android.http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-copied-android-in-ios-7-2013-6?op=1http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-copied-features-2014-6http://time.com/2818206/ios-8-android/http://www.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/apple-copies-a-bunch-of-features-from-android-calls-it-ios5-updated/2295
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