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The bigger concern I've seen is that the phone no longer sits flat and stable on a surface so it rocks when you touch it. But you can go ahead and jump down his throat in defensive rage if you'd like...
 Are you kidding?  More than any other company so far, Apple has taken the phone experience and shrunk it down to a watch sized device.  This has a home button that takes you to a home screen with app icons that you can scroll around before tapping one to launch an app.  That's a phone experience on a watch screen.  
This is the best announcement ever! Apple does pretty much everything right with the iPhone and as a bonus I get to watch the delusional fans lose their minds as Apple follows the Android OEMs in all sorts of ways that have been “terrible decisions” in the past. Large screens? Noooooo! Standard resolution of 1080p? Noooooo! More than 326 PPI? Noooooo!
Just did some reading and I was wrong. Antennas can be tuned to multiple frequencies, but the one in the iPhone is not (or at least certain regions are tuned to certain frequencies). This article is an interesting read, and they actually foresaw the attenuation issue.http://microwavejournal.blogspot.com/2010/06/antenna-technology-enables-multi-band.html?m=1
The need to interface with a different spectrum should only affect the radio used in the phone. The antenna isn't compatible with certain frequencies and not others.
Of course not. When they started selling the 4S it was an indication that they were ready to market an upgraded product. The indicator that the antenna was poorly designed on the 4 was when they changed it for the 4S even though the rest of the phone body stayed the same (along with the complaints, tests, reports, and Apple support sitesite acknowledgement).
A poor example. Your reasoning can be flawed or perfect, and it has no bearing on whether your conclusion is correct. All we've been discussing was the analysts' conclusions because we generally have no insight into their reasoning process.
If you're right coincidentally, you're still right.
There was plenty of pushback. You don't recall all of the complaints from customers about dropping signal? Apple actually has a support page dedicated to it:http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4389And here's the article about the 5C not meeting expectations. I didn't say he was disappointed in it.http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/01/27/tim-cook-admits-iphone-5c-share-lower-than-expected-says-demand-was-different-than-we-thought
New Posts  All Forums: