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 But these sensors are already in use on other phones too.  Whether Siri wants to recommend a jacket is irrelevant.  Cool idea about using the barometer to determine what floor you're on though.
1.6/7.6 = 21%
Let's add these to the list of things that are not worthy of a patent. What is novel about either of these? Mobile devices (not just smart devices) capable of measuring these things have existed for years. Instruments that measure these things have been taken to every corner of the Earth and into space. Am I missing something?
Sorry, I wasn't criticizing your article. I was pointing out to another poster that Florian is not a Samsung troll.
 I thought that numerous AI articles in the past have heralded him as a legal genius for coming down on Apple's side of the patent trials.  Does my memory fail me?
 I don't think the screen becomes resistive.  The tip of the stylus is pressure-sensitive and transmits data of the intensity of the pressure to the digitizer.
 I can verify it on the Note 3.  As long as the stylus is close enough to be registered by the screen (hovering slightly more than a centimeter above the display) the screen won't respond to my finger.
This is going to be an exciting fall!
 No I didn't exclude those.  From the KitKat list I see 5 bullets that say API and 2 that say framework.  I'm not familiar with programming, so I'm not sure if any others fall into that category.  None of the remaining bullets on the iOS changelog use the terms API or framework.
New Posts  All Forums: