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 Yes I know, but she got there by wishing.
It's ironic that your iOS screenshot includes the live wallpaper that Apple copied from Google's “Phase Beam” live wallpaper.
Jokes aside, Google actually has 13 devices for sale on the Play Store. With the addition of Glass and a smartwatch I think they can easily fill out a retail store.
 That is the definition of an anecdote.
Yeah there are a lot of low end phones sold. Let's say half of all Android phones sold are low end. That still means that there are twice as many mid to high end Android phones sold as iPhones, and that would mean there would be twice as many large-screened Android phones as iPhones.I doubt anyone shopping for a low end phone is also in the market for a tablet, so let's assume the market of tablet buyers consists of iPhone users and mid to high end Android users. Based...
 No that's not true.  Profitability has nothing to do with what type of phones are being sold.  Device margins, on the other hand, could provide that insight.  I don't know where you saw what size of screens are using the web. DED recently wrote an article that said that the S4 and Note combined to sell 2/3 of the amount of iPhones Apple sold.  All the other brands' flagship phones are 4.7" and above, and the midrange phones are generally 4.5" and above.  It's not...
Here's my take on it.  I'm going to assume these numbers are more or less right (yes, I know the iPad number is slightly off) because I don't have evidence to the contrary.  I think the reason you might see more iPads in public is twofold:   1.  There is not a compelling reason to buy a large Android tablet.  The app ecosystem isn't complete yet like it is on the iPad.  The only Android tablets that currently make sense are in the 7" to 8" class. 2.  Since Android users...
No doubt Apple's figure exceeds Google's, but when the article is about acquisitions and pulls evidence from financial statements, I expect “acquisitions” to be used in the financial sense of mergers and acquisitions.
 Thanks, I was going to chime in about his miscategorization of the expenses.
  The thing that sets apart Google Now is that it is predictive.  It surfaces information before you search for it. From my personal experience, these are the things it has done for me: 1.  When I searched tonight for a club's webpage to see who was going to DJ, Google Now had a card ready that provided me with travel time and a single click to get navigation.  I didn't search for this club in Google Maps. 2.  Based on my search patterns, Google Now has brought up cards...
New Posts  All Forums: