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 Yes, I wrote that because it was written by the man who tests a lot of displays but who has apparently neglected to test the iPhone 5S.  Perhaps he assumed that the same display was used in both the 5 and the 5S.
 What didn't I clarify?  The post I replied to was about the iPhone 5.  Maybe he meant to say 5S.  I don't know what was in his head at the time he wrote the message.
 That's what the article was about, but I replied to a post that brought up the S5.
1) Still irrelevant.2) My comment was objective. In his instrumented, objective testing he discovered that the S5 has the best screen he's ever tested, including the iPhone 5.3) You keep bringing up the 5S when it was never a part of the discussion. I don't have any data on the 5S and made no judgment about it.4) I didn't have to read about it in order to know that it was overall inferior to the display of the S5 since the man who objectively tested both told me so. Not...
 1) Irrelevant.  Knowing how to test a display doesn't have anything to do with the ability to design a website. 2) I didn't look at the review for the iPhone 5, but this is 2014 and the S5 is now the top of the heap among phones he has tested. 3) I didn't look for a review of the iPhone 5S.  He hasn't tested one yet.  There is no evidence of an agenda or bias if that was your implication. 4) He did review the display of the iPhone 5, which was the device that was...
 http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_S5_ShootOut_1.htm The S5 has the best display ever used in a mobile phone, and it definitely tops the iPhone in outdoor visibility. To quote a portion of the article," Based on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, the Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested. It has a long list of new records for best Smartphone display performance including: Highest Brightness, Lowest Reflectance, Highest Color...
I disagree.  I think anything at 5" or below is clearly in the range of normal phones.  It gets hazy above 5" though.  The Galaxy S5 comes with a 5.1" screen but it's not a phablet.  The Note 3, at 5.7", is a phablet.  I don't know where the dividing line is. I think we may need to adjust our definition of phablets to encompass total chassis size rather than screen size.  Functionality might end up playing a role in the definition too if all large phones begin shipping...
 But these sensors are already in use on other phones too.  Whether Siri wants to recommend a jacket is irrelevant.  Cool idea about using the barometer to determine what floor you're on though.
1.6/7.6 = 21%
Let's add these to the list of things that are not worthy of a patent. What is novel about either of these? Mobile devices (not just smart devices) capable of measuring these things have existed for years. Instruments that measure these things have been taken to every corner of the Earth and into space. Am I missing something?
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