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And now when I do that via the "purchased" playlist, when I view by artist, it still shows the "make available for offline" but not when I look in that purchased playlist (which by the way is the only playlist I now have, even though I did have about 30 before)   So will I be using data or not?   This is the worst and most confusing Apple experience I have ever had, and I have been using them since the days of the disk swap (and the disk swap endless loop)
I actually don't have any of my music on my phone after updating to 8.4. And it's not taking up any space, so they literally are not there.   I can access my purchased songs, and when I click the ... on the right, I can "make available for listening offline"   That's really the way to get those songs back? Ridiculous. And of course, my 3000 ripped songs off my CDs are no longer there or available, so back to syncing with iTunes I guess.   The fun fact is, I just had...
Unfortunately, I don't see any of my playlists any more though. The only one that's there now is "Purchased" This happened both with and without the Apple Music showing (I am not starting the free trial).
The term whore, no matter how you try to dress it up, is still about sexuality and misogyny.  Especially when talking about Ms. Swift, when  the media just loves to talk about all her boyfriends, and her being "such-and-such's girlfriend" instead of using her actual name. You could have said "she just wants attention" without bringing that term into it. Of course, it's up to you on what language to use, but it just shows others how you see yourself ... as superior.
 Same here. Maybe this is just a play by AT&T for customer retention.
Again, it is all spelled out. Go to the subscription piece on Apple, and there's a link to Beats and what will happen. 2 clicks and you have the answer.
 I'm not trying to pick on you, because others have done it too. His name isn't Lovine, it is an 'I' (capital i) - Iovine.
 iTunes saved the industry, I'm not sure why they would be "bracing themselves." They were being dragged down by the P2P music sites and needed a way out that didn't make them look like the big ugly ogre shutting down "our access to music" iTunes did that for them and made them a boatload of money. It sounds like this person "bracing themselves" is the former Napster CEO.
The radio still exists under Beats1, but you can apparently still do customized stations. It's all there on the Apple Music site.
I'm curious as to how you know this. It's 22 days before it launches.
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