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No, that means they are a financial institution.Banks are for-profit, credit unions are non-profit, and the operational differences launch from this fact.
 That's great and all, but with context, you know what they are talking about and really shouldn't be confused. If they are talking about the storage space on the iPhones, you know what it means. And I didn't know anyone actually cared about disk vs disc... Also, the mixed case could be due to typing on a phone: Lol, and all that
Ugh! Second largest CU in the nation is still not on the list!   This is driving me nuts.   Come on SECU!!!!
Mine started as June (ordered on Apr 12), moved to May 14-20, and is now preparing for shipment.   42mm Sport, white band. US delivery.     For some reference: there are people with multiple orders for different color bands just to see which one ships first. Obviously, I don't think it is *that* many people, but there are some.   And it may just say July because now we are in May, whereas yesterday we were in April and it said June.
Ordered a 42mm Sport with white SB on Apr 12 at around 4:30 pm - now has changed from June delivery to 2-3 weeks (May 14-20)
That's the point of the handoff feature. Open the story if you are interested, then go to the phone to hand it off and read it there. If one is really into AI's stories that much, this would be very useful.
I'll be very interested to see how far my June shipping quote will drop.   I always fully expected it to come in May sometime, so I'll be waiting anxiously to see. I got the 42mm Sport, white band. That's a model I expect to easily beat its June time frame.   (I ordered on Sunday the 12th)
Well, fortunately for you, I can. Reuters and Ipsos go hand in hand, whether it be business trends, political opinions, or even national elections. When someone says "it's a Reuters poll" - this is exactly what you get.
WTH? This:http://polling.reuters.com/ They are Ipsos' media partner.
Then what exactly is this:"About 6 percent of U.S. adults plan to buy Apple Inc's smartwatch according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll"from the Reuters story? It IS a Reuters poll. http://www.ipsos-na.com/news-polls/reuters-polls/
New Posts  All Forums: