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For anyone who may have read this, I found that the optical drive connector had a touch less room than it had with the DVD drive in there, pinching it just enough to force one edge to pop up and disconnect.   I carefully readjusted things so the angle would be less and make the connector flat to the logic board again, and there have been no more problems.
I have a 2008 MacBook (5,1) and last night I installed an OWC "data doubler" drive into my computer, removing the DVD drive in the process (which is what the data doubler does, if you are not familiar with the product). So I have the stock HD and now this new SSD as well.   Everything went peachy last night, and I was copying my files over with no problem, and started to redownload the MacOS X install for a clean install on that drive, which I left overnight to finish....
 Yep. You can stick with your flip phone too. That's fine.
So it is true that any band will work with the sport watches? That's good news. I'll go to a store to see what I think before I decide what I would do.   I don't even know which size would look better on my wrist (185 mm around)
I see. You happened to pull out the only watch that was different from the rest of the line. For every instance of the watch save that one, my point was accurate. Honestly I hadn't even noticed that there was a different stainless steel option in the list.
 But they are separate. You mentioned the bands price page yourself. You have to have A band for a watch, and they coupled the cheapest one in the price. I doubt that you couldn't walk into the store and purchase a watch with only the Milanese loop for $500 + $149. Edit: It is still more than I wanted to pay, so I'll have to wait to see what I want to do.
LOL - nice work. At least I didn't prefer the most expensive band, I want the Milanese one for the office and a sport for outdoor activities. But I'll have to wait for my bonus, I guess. I'll have to work hard so I get a big bonus ;-)
Here is the link to all the band prices:http://store.apple.com/us/watch/watch-accessories/bands
You didn't respond to me, but I was hoping for 100 and pay a premium over the rubber crap band that I would never wear to work. Since that's what their phones are tiered at.
Damn, me too. But I don't know if I can go with only those sport bands. :/
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