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I hope I wasn't coming across as confrontational, that wasn't my intent.   I've only been with them for 2 1/2 months, switching from AT&T. Signal inside of buildings is still somewhat of an issue, but honestly, it isn't that much worse than AT&T's was, looking back at it. Overall I would say it is not quite as good coverage as AT&T's, I have a few more spots where I lose LTE and see a bit more Edge network than I did, but I actually keep voice in more areas than I had...
 What exactly are you looking for? I now have T-Mobile, and if it works like their music streaming, there is no catch except it is for the services that are on their list.
 Really? I thought the only difference between 3 and 4 was the connector (30 pin to lightning). No? Maybe not. Edit: looked it up, and indeed they upgraded the processor (A5X to A6X) I have 9.1 on it and it seems ok to me. Not blazing or anything, but it is some 3 1/2 years old.
We have an original iPad that still gets trotted out for people to enter their contact information on at local events. That's pretty much all it's used for any more. I also have a "3" which I use for streaming and reading mostly.   Funnily, since the original's iOS development is stopped, it still has the skeuomorphic look, and some people asked "wow - what kind of tablet is that?!"   When I said it was an iPad, they almost didn't believe me.
 Until they realize people are doing this and it costs them more than they thought to support your 5 account/5 TB for $99 a year. This is why people don't (and never have) trusted Microsoft. The new Microsoft, same as the old Microsoft.Edit: It actually disappoints me. I thought they had turned that corner.
But it is unlimited if you buy something that is unlimited! To a single user, unlimited means the big business will be able to accommodate anything you throw at it, because they can always scale up, whereas you may not be able to. That's why one would buy an "unlimited" service. Don't try to compare 1 TB for a user to 1 TB to MS (in this case). It's their own dumb fault for offering that sort of service, not realizing that some would take them for their word!. If only...
 That's not at all true. A smaller business, and even large ones, actually (even an incorporated in America one) does not have to listen to those forces. It's not as hard as you think, as long as you have the right people.
I'm also US bound - and I have no problems finding what I need from DDG, whether I'm on my Mac, phone or PC at work. Just today I searched for a strange MS Access importing Excel file problem and DDG found a relevant thread and I solved it within 2 minutes.
 Really? I don't think they ever wanted to charge you sales tax. The governments want to charge you sales tax. Other merchants don't reside in your state, thereby making sales tax collection unenforceable. Amazon fought this for a long time.Come on. At least stay on point. Honestly, I don't care if they sell the ATV or not - they are just being dumb, whether or not it is illegal. And they can probably skirt by the laws, in all honesty, they have a reasonable enough...
 No. This is just no. Collusion and cartels is one small part of anti-trust. Please don't ever utter these words again.
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