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Doesn't it have to have a bigger battery if there is a bigger screen to keep battery life the same? So at least some of that increase is necessary just for status quo. The screen on a 4.7" diagonal has 35% more area than the 4"   I don't know how that translates to actual power usage, but thinking that a 46% bigger battery is going to increase battery life by the same amount is disingenuous.
Once one company finally figures out how to effectively bypass the cable companies, they will be dead to rights. All they are doing by stalling with Apple is squeezing out the last little bit of profit they can before it is all turned on its head (just like music)
A P/E of 500?   Nice, AMZN.
Take the high horse back to the barn now, please. Thank you. He replied 9 minutes before you, explaining that you did not misquote him.
What the hell do you do? I'm at 95% capacity with 1 hr 1 min of usage
 But it's still 5500 that weren't from Nokia, which still rivals their biggest layoff ever. I'd rather see their marketing dept get a big hit than their GUI people. Most of them are following directives, and they don't need to concentrate on marketing their products. They need to make better ones.
 But some of us (at least) are saying that this "shrinking market share" is a false flag, for lack of a better term. What good is market share that gives you no profit? And when people buy these no profit phones and spend no money for developers' apps, why would the developers care about this segment of the market? What others are saying is that the definition of "smartphone" has expanded and now includes "feature phones" where previously it did not. As for the developers...
 Programmers will go where the money goes. Apple continues to make the environment better for developers to make money where Android does not.iOS 8 will work all the way back to the 4s, and will probably hit 80-90% saturation on their phones, which makes developers' jobs easier. When you see the stats on how much web traffic there is between iOS and Android (which is the most basic of uses on smartphones) there is no doubt that people who buy more expensive phones do more...
And also amazingly, they spike for the Christmas shopping quarter. Looking at the raw numbers and claiming one effect causes it all is a red herring. Apple knows when people shop for new electronics (Q4) so they time their release to maximize that effect. People know that they will release then (your point) but Apple (and all companies) know when people spend less on their products. It's a symbiotic relationship that can't be explained away just because the data fits your...
 I actually wanted to see what people here would say about it, so I'm glad it's here.Why are you reading it? It's not like this is a TV channel and you are watching a program dedicated to Apple News and they are forcing you to watch it in order to get to the next story. You are in control of what you click. Plus, it is in "general discussion", which it is.
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