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Wait, what? The police would still have no problem getting a warrant to intercept any phone calls (those aren't encrypted in storage on the phone) or to track his/her GPS (again, not encrypted) if the offender is dumb enough to use them. Everything you mentioned above is no conundrum at all, even for all us troglodytes here at AI.
So obtain a warrant to open the phone. Why does a manufacturer need to be in the middle of it? This is between the private party and law enforcement.
Reported for personal attacks which I have removed in this quote. With a proper warrant, the owner can be compelled to open their phone, or have the authorities open it. This just makes it so they cannot compel the company who made the device to open it, just like a computer - which it is. This isn't a phone tap, this is access to a computer.
I think the are some like you, but not a majority. Plus, some don't have a choice. And what happens when everyone is breached? Are you not shopping anywhere ever again?
I'm sick and tired of these stores losing our information. We've had to have 5 cards replaced in the past 6 months with 2 being sold and used just last week because of data breaches. I can't wait to be able to actually shop securely.
Not that Beats is awesome, but I can't get my Bose Soundlink Air to keep hold of my wifi signal long enough to play a single song, and as of last night I can't get it to change the password either. It's currently a $300 brick. :/
What happens when there are no Surfaces in three years?
 I found the 5 cumbersome at first after using the 4's size for so long, but now it is natural. When I picked up the 6, I had no issues reaching any point on the screen or the home button, and I probably have average man sized hands (I'm a shade under 6' tall.) I bet that if you had used the 5 for a while, the 6 wouldn't seem so bad to you.
 Not my words. So don't say they are. I would imagine that the security of Wallet is about equal to that of all other CC transactions. What Apple is designing is better than that, which is why these companies are touting it - and why they are not touting Wallet. But, you seem to like to put words in other people's mouths, so there is not point in engaging you at all. If I say something, I mean what I say, not what you change it to so it meets your needs. That defines a...
How long do you think CC companies will keep allowing Google Wallet to operate as existing when there is an alternative that is safer (read: cheaper) for them to operate. You may not care now, because you are protected, but what happens when companies start to not allow an inferior security model to continue? As long as the security measures are not on par, you will see companies dissuading people from using the less secure, when a more secure is perfectly available. How...
New Posts  All Forums: