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I'd question why a firefighter would be wearing a non-waterproof watch. If there are "many other professionals" that are under such urgent and stringent schedules, they probably aren't using their watches or phones enough to drain the batteries enough to worry about it. You know what people are good for? Acclimating to their circumstances, and I think they would do so to take best advantage of the technology provided them.
We already have expensive car keys. And guess what? They don't do a damn thing else. Minimum fob replacement is $200 from what I've seen.
a la carte would cause a major transformation and consolidation in the TV entertainment industry. Many networks will fold up shop due to lack of interest, and the useful pieces will be scooped up by the larger fish. Instead of 200 channels, we would end up with possibly a dozen or less large studios who would give us all our entertainment. It's almost like we would head back towards when we had only over the air TV, in terms of the number of companies.   With this, one...
 That's about the most obtuse thing I've ever read here (and that's saying a lot), referring to one of the most renowned Supreme Court Justices in history as such. Oliver Wendell Holmes vs SpamSandwich. Yeah, that's one for the ages /s
Wow. I have no words. How did LEOs ever get anything solved before technology?
Wait, what? The police would still have no problem getting a warrant to intercept any phone calls (those aren't encrypted in storage on the phone) or to track his/her GPS (again, not encrypted) if the offender is dumb enough to use them. Everything you mentioned above is no conundrum at all, even for all us troglodytes here at AI.
So obtain a warrant to open the phone. Why does a manufacturer need to be in the middle of it? This is between the private party and law enforcement.
Reported for personal attacks which I have removed in this quote. With a proper warrant, the owner can be compelled to open their phone, or have the authorities open it. This just makes it so they cannot compel the company who made the device to open it, just like a computer - which it is. This isn't a phone tap, this is access to a computer.
I think the are some like you, but not a majority. Plus, some don't have a choice. And what happens when everyone is breached? Are you not shopping anywhere ever again?
I'm sick and tired of these stores losing our information. We've had to have 5 cards replaced in the past 6 months with 2 being sold and used just last week because of data breaches. I can't wait to be able to actually shop securely.
New Posts  All Forums: