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 I'm not trying to pick on you, because others have done it too. His name isn't Lovine, it is an 'I' (capital i) - Iovine.
 iTunes saved the industry, I'm not sure why they would be "bracing themselves." They were being dragged down by the P2P music sites and needed a way out that didn't make them look like the big ugly ogre shutting down "our access to music" iTunes did that for them and made them a boatload of money. It sounds like this person "bracing themselves" is the former Napster CEO.
The radio still exists under Beats1, but you can apparently still do customized stations. It's all there on the Apple Music site.
I'm curious as to how you know this. It's 22 days before it launches.
 Unsigned artists can get into Apple Music, in a way that breaks down the walls that have been in the industry for so long. I think that's the reference.
Personally, I am loathe to buy into a music subscription service, but both my kids love it. My 19 year old has Spotify (he pays directly) and my 14 year old does Spotify free.   They are both in the "family" - it may interest me just enough to subsidize the cost to do this if they want to drop Spotify.   I'll at least check out the preview period.
 Can you go read their website? It's there.
Beats info is listed on this page:   http://www.apple.com/music/membership/
Yes,Yes, depending on what share plan you are on, it could be $25 lower for each line access fee (40 on contract, 15 on NEXT with 10GB/mo and up data) I may switch to T-Mobile anyways next year as their plans seem to be cheaper anyways (at first glance, at least)
 God damn. I wasn't being an ass, but now I will be. I'm sorry you can't get beyond a marketing term (NEXT 18) and the actual contract (for 24 months) I guess you are just too f*ing obtuse to let that go or understand what 18 and 24 actually MEAN in these plans. AT&T IS doing it and making less money because that is what the market bears. Others are undercutting them, so they have to respond and make less money to not lose the customers. I'm done with your blindfolded...
New Posts  All Forums: