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 It's a shame that humans cannot concentrate on more than one thing in their lives. /s You know what else distracts people? Internet rumor sites.
Are they the same SIM cards? I would think putting her back in an iPhone, turning off the service, them going back to her current phone that it would work based on what I understand the problem to be. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.
Are the $300 notebooks/laptops/netbooks included in the "PC" totals for other companies? If so, then you have to include the iPad. Because they can't do any more than the iPad does.   It's as portable as these small laptops (put it in a bag, but not a pocket), does what they do, and is in the same general price range.   Phones are even more portable (pocket size) than the $300 laptops, so they wouldn't be included.   It's really not that hard.
It's a great ad-block! No Flash? No ads.
@drblank - you are moving the targets here. Now you want them to enter new markets every 3 months or something? How did that work out for MS?   I remember all the time that announcements from Apple came twice a year. And new product lines? iMac, 1998 iPod 2001 Macbook 2005-6 iPhone 2007 iPad 2010 Mac Pro 2013   That's not a new market every 3 6, or even 12 months. That's 3 years on average.   No one even cares about the iPod any more, it's a dead product...
 You do realize that HBO reports a 29% penetration rate of pay TV subscribers, right? So 70% of those who pay for TV do not have it at all? http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/premium-tv-networks-say-npd-study-purporting-to-show-their-decline-is-hogwash-1201066121/ And I bet since HBO is reporting this, I'm sure it includes those who get the "special" 3 months free who are not actually paying for HBO. So for a large majority, they don't care if it has HBO Go. Myself included.
Unimportant distinction. They were still restricting the upward compensation movement of their employees by colluding with another company. Whether the primary goal was to keep wages down or not is not important. I'm sure many in Apple Legal were not very happy with Jobs doing this.
I think the biggest thing to take out of this article (besides seeing the past systems running smartphones) is that Samsung is hedging their bets on Android by moving forward with Tizen.    Apple and iOS won't be the determining factor on whether Android will continue to be a viable platform, it will be on what Samsung (the only one making money on the Android side) runs their devices. If they leave Android, then Android will die as a full fledged alternative. It may...
 It's ok. He has invoked Troll Rules #1 and 12 for his interactions with you ;-) Just follow this good advice instead: There are two things to keep in mind about trolls:1) They don't want to talk about the topic at hand. They want to talk about you, or themselves.2) It's never too late to call out a troll. Even after you are five or more responses into the thread when you finally realized that you've been suckered, you may be incline to stick with it out of some misplaced...
New Posts  All Forums: