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How long do you think CC companies will keep allowing Google Wallet to operate as existing when there is an alternative that is safer (read: cheaper) for them to operate. You may not care now, because you are protected, but what happens when companies start to not allow an inferior security model to continue? As long as the security measures are not on par, you will see companies dissuading people from using the less secure, when a more secure is perfectly available. How...
So I'm a little confused on who exactly can use this. Apple said MC and Visa are on board with credit AND debit, and then they listed some banks. Does that mean only these banks listed can use it, or will any debit card with a MC or Visa logo can use it? I have a credit union, and they are usually slow to adopt technological advancements. Will that card be left out of the mix until they catch up?   Of course, as I post this after coming back from lunch, I see the...
But you are still paying the same amount for the phone as buying it unlocked, all at once. They take the 649/749/849 price and divide it by however many months you pay for it. Currently, we are paying nothing for our phones, (AT&T) and each line costs us $15 for access to the mobile share. I could go in and buy a new phone for 749 all at once or pay 31.20/month for 24 months through the Next plan, plus the $15 access as I was already doing. If you want to keep the phone...
Good lord. You don't read. What phone taps you in different places to tell you to turn left or right?No more looking at your directions as you walk down the street like you have no idea where you are going with your phone in you Or: no more looking away from the road or trying to listen over/through your car radio as it picks up the last bit of directions due to the delay in voice overriding the system.
 So because you didn't know what it does makes it bad? That seems to be a "you" problem, not a device problem. No one truly knows what it does, because no one out of Apple has actually used one. The coolest thing that I remember is that it can tell you when and which way to turn while giving directions based on a directional tap.
Those talking about the need to charge the Watch each night obviously forgot about the first iPhone:   Everyone derided the fact that "what? I can't have it usable for 3-4 days on one charge?" Now no one even remembers how long the little flip phones could last...   And to compare it to a fitbit with respect to sleeping with it on: when I wore a watch, I took it off every night. It wasn't good for a watch to stay on all night, it could/would get dinged up, and most...
No, no - left handed holding. Right handed use. And it's "extra" screen, not a loss of screen! Get it right!! And ultra super duper power saving mode - because having that other part on all the time will kill the battery.
You forgot to mention the Edge! Samsung's innovation is to cut part of the screen and angle it! It'll take the world by storm!!!11!* * - currently Samsung apps only
I think they have to get all these ads out of the way now before the 9th, when we will probably see a large upgrade of Siri. Striking while their supposed advantages still exist.
 Unless that iWatch has some health component that has to get not FCC approval, but FDA approval. No one would be ready to start gearing up for that.
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