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You forgot to mention the Edge! Samsung's innovation is to cut part of the screen and angle it! It'll take the world by storm!!!11!* * - currently Samsung apps only
I think they have to get all these ads out of the way now before the 9th, when we will probably see a large upgrade of Siri. Striking while their supposed advantages still exist.
 Unless that iWatch has some health component that has to get not FCC approval, but FDA approval. No one would be ready to start gearing up for that.
 Well, of course it means that as well. But when has Apple not had double meanings in their announcements? They always have a play on words in these things.
"Wish we could say more"   This makes me think there's a big upgrade to Siri as well - being able to say more to the phone that it can do. "Let's talk iPhone" introduced Siri, remember.   The odd shadowing also means something - those who think "it's just an invitation" don't know anything about Apple and its culture. (the sundial guess makes some sense)   Edit: although, it could just be telling you what time to be there (check the "Let's talk iPhone" and it gives...
Doesn't it have to have a bigger battery if there is a bigger screen to keep battery life the same? So at least some of that increase is necessary just for status quo. The screen on a 4.7" diagonal has 35% more area than the 4"   I don't know how that translates to actual power usage, but thinking that a 46% bigger battery is going to increase battery life by the same amount is disingenuous.
Once one company finally figures out how to effectively bypass the cable companies, they will be dead to rights. All they are doing by stalling with Apple is squeezing out the last little bit of profit they can before it is all turned on its head (just like music)
A P/E of 500?   Nice, AMZN.
Take the high horse back to the barn now, please. Thank you. He replied 9 minutes before you, explaining that you did not misquote him.
What the hell do you do? I'm at 95% capacity with 1 hr 1 min of usage
New Posts  All Forums: