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 LOL - he actually meant they are winning in his house. And the "slighty" seemed sarcastic. Just FYI :)
Ooh! Ooh! Can we do derivatives too? :-P
 Sure I did. If I buy the SS watch $715 as opposed to the 480 I paid for the Sport. If 480 was my budget, then I have to finance the other 235 (round it down to 200 for ease of calculations.)If I cannot pay this 200 off (as in it goes on credit on top of a balance and does not get paid off), at 10% interest over 2 years, that is an additional $40 I have "spent". So lets go with your 200 and $50 numbers. So I would save $50 over 2 years, but again, only if I have enough to...
 I'm surprised you haven't gone the "cup of coffee" route, so common to sales types who try to guilt you into expanding your budget. Would I have loved to splurge for the upfront costs of an extra $235 (watch, Applecare, tax) to get the better watch? You bet your ass I would have. But I can't. I'd also love to get the top of the line MBP for the cost of a cup of coffee a day for the next 3 years, but it just don't fit when you have to pay for it all up front ... or incur...
 I'm not really arguing any point here, but my cost (with sport bands, AppleCare and tax) would have been that much (50%) more. I had already assumed I would buy another band with it, costing another $149+tax, and I'm not really in the market to spend that much. *Get the best you can afford* is the technology mantra, right? So that's what I did. :-)  @sflagel - that's pretty much my same argument.
Yeah - I wasn't trying to say the link was too big (he showed me how easy it was) just trying to show how big my wrist was compared to a fixed and known quantity so others could compare if they had been to an appointment and tried the stock watch on. :-)
 I doubt I'll scratch it, but do you really think a simple scratch will cause that much issue? I've seen people use their phones with major cracks, so I don't really foresee scratches as an issue. If they had offered a sapphire screen for an extra $100, I may have thought about it - but they didn't, so I don't have to concern myself with that. And again, I put the band and the Sport watch next to each other, and the difference didn't seem far enough off for me to worry...
  Even if it is 80/19.5/.5 with an avg Edition price of 12.7k (40/30/30 price split) with a 60/40 split large to small, the ARP is 479.60. Even to get to 423, I have to go to 90% Sport, 9.8% SS, and .2% Edition.
 Speaking of actions... Why don't we wait and see what the actions actually are? Saying 4-6 weeks (which is 2-4 weeks after launch date) are still just words.Ever hear of underpromise and overdeliver?
They were 2 for 2 with my family.   And I wasn't going to do it now, either. My guy was *extremely* knowledgeable about all my questions, and would have known every answer to Tadd's questions (I had some of the same ones)   I went with the Aluminum Sport for now, and will get other bands this summer.  I thought it looked better on me than the SS.
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