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VW has a dedicated slot in the glove compartment for iPhone 4 to plug directly into the car and the salesman said he was hoping they'd get the updated connector in sometime (He was kinda irritated that they didn't yet). I'm surprised that VW wasn't on the list mentioned early in the article. I hope with this connector in my car (2013 model) that it will be able to integrate iOS into it. I may never sell it
  I didn't even know there were really 2 different tablets. I assumed they just pulled the same marketing gimmick they did with the Home and the Professional versions of Office.
How exactly is that moot? It's what the consumer wants. I don't care how it can be done now, I just want it done for the future. Someone can build it so its not a trick. That's the whole point of innovation.
The secret to TV is finding what you (the user) wants to watch.   If I want to watch hockey or basketball playoffs, I shouldn't have to hunt around to find what "station" it's on. I shouldn't have to know that on Time Warner, TNT is 1302 and on Uverse it's 1412. I should just be able to tell it to turn on "Red Wings hockey"   This is the biggest obstacle that the user must overcome - finding what's on (or what I want to watch) quickly and easily. If XBox 1...
@Apple v Samsung: But you basically echo the point: You don't use it often, so that means other people don't either. I still have a 2009 MacBook, but I haven't inserted a CD/DVD into it since Civilization 5 first came out. I don't need one at all any more, and if I'm like that, there are plenty more who are as well. For you and those like you, it's not like you constantly need it connected, so having it internal is really just a waste of space. Of course there are plenty...
I just hope they don't go overboard with 3D maps.   When trying to read a map to get somewhere, 3D is a bad idea, even if it "looks pretty"   I'd just like a constantly updating path/distance to my destination, much like vehicle GPS units work.
Really? If you look at the screenshots, they are using Verizon. They did a very good job at clearly stating the differences between LTE and the others and explained what marketing hides from you. It's not AI's fault that Verizon overplays what LTE can bring.They also gave Vz props for the hotspot for free where AT&T ignores its existence.
Why? Because of all the sites talking about ads, this one is not mentioned, except in passing and then in a negative fashion. If it was really bad and memorable, people would be talking about it, just as if it was good and memorable. This one is neither, and only those paying close attention (because they knew it was coming) have anything to say about it. It was an utter failure.
If you have the time, you will be able to get through it if you are patient enough to ignore the messages and simply try again. I didn't have to restart the computer or anything, just hit update, let it back up (annoyingly long) and then hope that it works this time. Like I said earlier, I got my iPad updated after 7 tries. You only have to d/l once, so that's good, I guess.
Got mine to start on my iPad (v1) after about 7 tries of clicking "update". If you get into the "verifying restore" step, you are golden.
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