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The TAG Heuer Connected is available now for $1,500 from TAG Heuer retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.   and the internet is good for things like pictures   http://www.engadget.com/2015/11/09/tag-heuer-connected-watch/
 I own 4 lower end mechanical watches. cheapest being around 1800, the most expensive around 3k...   haven't worn any of them since the end of May...    it's just a pain (now) to go without my apple watch. I wore it for about 2 months straight.  took it off deliberately for a week.    didn't realize how much I use the damn thing.
so.. penny on the washing board makes a noise.. just like pen on screen washing board is the texture.. not the penny. how would they put the texture on the penny? wacom has extra nibs too - that @ $10 for a 10 isn't meant to address wear and tear.http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1002082-REG/wacom_ack20006_intuos_4_art_pen.html
no kidding.  we have a couple Surfaces in the office for testing. Odd little bird. great build quality snappy performance.  but is has a fan and it's really think and heavy. doesn't know what it's trying to be.
fit and finish.   I bought a band that had fake lugs.. not exactly precision manufacturing.. the band was lose.    even spring bars are "expensive".. cheap-o generics  (they just fit rolex)   http://www.amazon.com/Spring-Rolex-Gmt-Master-167XX-20mm/dp/B007SB1RW4
  85% hardware. ipads for schools, phones for corps. my company (300k employees) does not offer Android as a BYOD option for BBerry...  Apple doesn't really have services, per se.. not Enterprise level stuff anyway.. what else could it be?
 what are you talking about? they surveyed new car owners and asked which gizmos they used in the first 90 days. "asked more than 4,200 new car owners and lessees about their experience with 33 technology features during the first 90 days of ownership." what do you mean "they've never seen it" - it's there. in their new car, in the garage.
doesn't surprise me at all. When the kids getting their licenses this year start buying their first new cars, this will change. It's a generation thing. Hell, I still do most of my browsing on a desktop/laptop. Kids these days never even used a browser.
http://sales.freedomscientific.com/Product/340014-001/JAWS_Home_Edition.aspx it's a grand. you could get a min AND a watch all for the price of JAWS for windows (home ed)
then you must have had a fancy version. Everyone I know who ordered around the announcement got theirs long before June.. don't forget the sport is the one that will sell the most.
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