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" Apple Store, and each Edition comes with a unique box that doubles as a charging dock. my friend just got his black SS model with link bracelet. (~$1000) His charging puck has chrome hilights and his box is square vs. the all plastic charging puck and elongated box the Sport Ed. ships with.
wonder how the LLAP emoji would look    http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/04/10/how-to-access-the-vulcan-salute-emoji-in-ios-83
wonder if the battery life will be equally surprising.
"bright colors, thick black lines, and combinations of different patterns in upbeat themes" so basically Keith Haring? http://www.haring.com/!/year/1986
do you sprinkle that little gem all over the internet?   because.. you know what? it doesn't matter.   Cook is entitled to his opinion just like anyone who contributed to the pizza place.
assuming you have your own ipad (and just forgot it or whatever) what's the harm in buying an app.. it's still on your account.
you mean MLK, or anybody?   Rosa Parks: http://www.cloggie.org/pictures/wissewords/apple-ad-with-rosa-parks.png   George Harrison: http://www.writersblocklive.com/images/harrison.jpg
"have enough available space to update their software."   has nothing to do with Random Access Memory - when you download an app (games usually) it's compressed ("zipped" if you will) - so a 1GB ipa needs space on the "disk" to uncompress the files and install.. that's why the "fix" is to delete music or movies (which are not stored in RAM)... if you download the same app to your desktop then sync it over, it doesn't need the scratch  space to uncompress.   this is...
why? ask Joe Public how much RAM their phone has (any kind of phone) 95% of the time you'll get "what's RAM" or they'll answer 16/32/64/128 GB.   amount of RAM is irrelevant as long as performance good.
New Posts  All Forums: